DREAM: I was LOST in "Bubbletown"

March 13, 2006 · Print This Article

Sleeping time: 7 hours 39 minutes (woken by crows, and a telemarketer)

…Sawyer and I and another person were taking a college class and we were trying to understand the logic of the ethical question to be discussed in class. I read his notes of what I had said (it is said to be impossible to read in dreams, but I have done it several times). … I was in a Florida suburban style house, and then took a walk down the street. … There were large red birds in a man’s yard. … There were also about 6 dead white flamingo looking birds. Then the owner of the house, a Japanese man in his late 40’s, came over and spoke in Japanese and a little English. I asked him in Japanese if it was ok (daijobu desu?) for me to look at his birds. He said it was. I think I asked him it it was bird flu. He spoke in distant English that I couldn’t really make out clearly.

Then I met two dogs, who were actually human children. At this point I realized I was on LOST. So it was a shock to me that there were other people and a city on the island! The children said they called the buildings “bubble town” since the buildings had strange circular shapes, but still looked like a typical Tokyo cityscape.

I made my way back to the suburban house marveling at all that existed on the island, that somehow we hadn’t discovered yet.


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