DREAM: more wolves and writing with George Lucas!

April 25, 2006 · Print This Article

I delayed too long in writing about this dream, so now many details have faded, but I know I fought wolves in this dream again, and they were soft and weak, like balls of fluff. Yet they felt dangerous to me, even though I easily defeated them this time.

The most interesting dream was of me and George Lucas. At some function, I ended up with an unknown known friend sitting at a table with George Lucas. Now I think I remember it was the Episode II premiere. But, at the table we sat down at, I mentioned rewriting one scene from what I remember as Episode III. Lucas took out pencil and paper and we went over the dialogue and even the storyboard for the scene. He was very friendly and into working together. The really strange part is that it involved Luke crying out Leia’s name. I saw the scene in my dream as Lucas and I wrote it.

Maybe this dream occurred because the first anniversary of May 19, 2005 is rapidly approaching.


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