KOFU, Yamanashi Prefecture — Day 1

October 7, 2006 · Print This Article

A rare 3-day weekend completely off for me was approaching, and I certainly did not want to spend it in the City. So using my trusty Travel-Guide Japan website, I almost immediately came up with a plan to go explore a gorge in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture. I booked myself a two-night stay at a Toyoko Inn for a reasonable price, checked the train schedule and was ready to go.

…I couldn’t do much at first as I had to wait to check-in to my room at 4pm. So I stashed one heavy bag at the hotel, then took the other one with me to check out Maizurujo Park (Kofu Castle). At first it reminded me of my very first day in Japan way back in August of 2000, when I was in Fukuoka and saw my very first castle park. … The Kofu one was interesting for about 15 minutes, and after cloud watching grew old, I left to get some bus information from the tourist desk at the train station that I should have done when I first arrived actually. … The lady at the bus info desk was equally friendly, also pointing out movie theaters on a map for me and carefully telling me which bus I needed to take.

I tracked down the movie theaters, but wasn’t sure if I’d actually go see one. Swung back to my hotel and got my room key and was pleased to find a very clean room, albeit small, but with a washlette so it was allll good.

…Ate a very tasty 3-stack of pancakes with blueberries served by an average yet pretty waitress because she had a warm and coy smile and we chatted a bit. … I asked her to clarify the menu which said you can only get pancakes after 12pm. … I gave her a playful WTF look, but I doubt the queerness of this reversal of foods and mealtimes was apparent to her.

…Then popped into an Au shop and chatted it up with an Au staff dude about “style up” covers for my new kei-tai (cell phone). … Then walking again and pass some semi-pretty breeested local j-girl and give her a smile which she returns. … The k-dude was very friendly and spoke in a mix of fast Japanese and Korean to which I always replied hai, hai as I always do pretending I can understand.

…Next on the agenda find a hipster cafe in which to write what I am only now writing from my hotel room, which tells you I couldn’t find one.


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