DREAM: “…well, too bad because you’re TOO LATE!”

February 23, 2007 · Print This Article

So I walked out into the warm Florida sunshine, I noticed the clothes I was wearing, shorts, button-up chill shirt, unknown summer type shoes, I thought I never dress like this anymore, but it felt comfortable. … I handed her my memo saying to come to this place, and I believe without talking she handed me another slip that looked exactly the same, just with a different location on it.

Now I can’t remember for sure if there was another place I went to next before the final destination. But I think from the desk of the semi-pretty blonde girl, I went directly to the final spot I needed to, or maybe before going to the semi-pretty blonde there was another stop.

So I consult a map on a wall, and realize I have to take a small bridge to the next building to get where I need to. … As I entered the next building, I entered a wide room filled with two pianos, one normal looking and the other like double-wide. … I didn’t see all around the room, just the immediate area around me, although to my left I did notice a big desk and perhaps another door behind it leading to who knows where.

…She answered sharply, “well that’s too bad,” and now her voice turned stern and with malice and at a shout said, “BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO LATE!” … After she slammed the door shut, for a split-second, I felt the greatest horror and fear I ever remember feeling in a dream or perhaps even life.

…The force of her slamming the door made me blink in the dream, and when I opened my eyes, I opened them from within the dream but also in waking life too and with great, great relief, after a second of being dillusioned, was so relieved to see the surrounding of my own room. … I kept my eyes wide open, I didn’t dare close them in fear of seeing that place again.

…I went back to bed, but now felt emboldened, like I wanted to go back to sleep and go back to that dream and dare whatever was in that office. Instead I had a very pleasant dream of flying over some small mountains/large hills in some kind of seat-harness attached to a parachute that let me glide very peacefully over hiking trails and forest. I noticed a very large breeested girl walking down a trail, her large, possibly un-bra-ed breeests swinging to and fro in a gray t-shirt. I swooped down close to her but she seemed unimpressed by my flying apparatus, so I thought to myself these kind of parachute things must be common. Later, when I woke up and realized it was a dream, I also realized such an apparatus would be impressive and that she didn’t react because she was part of a dream. Now return to that dark office, instead the last memory of last night’s dream was large swinging breeests.


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