HOT FUZZ [2007] review

August 18, 2007 · Print This Article

I was really into the first half of HOT FUZZ, often laughing out loud, totally loving the perfomance Simon Pegg was giving as a super cop who gets on the nerves of his fellow officers with his perfectionism. I loved his absolute dedication to his police work and ultra-strict enforcement of the law. I have always believed, if you have a law, then it should be enforced, otherwise why have it? Pegg finally becomes too good at his job in London, and his superiors, fearing he would soon replace them, ship him off to a small countryside village, where of course, little real crime exists and the local cops are almost complete yocals. Pegg wastes no time enforcing drinking age laws and looking for suspicious characters in a village where everyone knows each other already. There are a lot of laughs in this first half.

All the characters in the village are great, and I was really into seeing the daily life of a small English village. I liked all the character moments we got. Then as the inevitable mystery hidden in the plot starts to come out, the movie lost me somewhat as a barrage of comic action ensues and there really is no danger in it, it’s just amusing to watch, which I didn’t find as amusing as the character moments in the first half. Still, this is a very funny and very stylized movie with strong performances all around. I watched it alone, but I bet if it were watched with friends, the laughs would go on from start to finish.


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