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If one is looking for a movie full pure movie magic, then one would be hard, hard pressed to find one in more possession of pure movie magic than E.T…. There are very good movies, and movies that are even great, but then their is a whole other level, a rarified realm, where movies such as E.T. reside, masterworks that are so iconic, so part of the lore of society, so ingrained in public consciousness that they are like shimmering stars in the night sky.

…Watch the directing and the camera work in this movie, then watch some random movie that was released in the past month or two and you will see that in comparison to E.T., most movies look like they were made by robots without a shred of talent. … The small touches throughout the movie, like a cord pulling a chair flush against a wall, a table placed between the camera and the characters, the way you never see the face of authority figures. … Because for 90% of the movie all you see, and hear, of the character is a set of keys chiming on a hook on his belt. … Again, another reason why this is a masterwork, this movie is about children’s ability to believe in the unbelievable, it shows THAT world, and adults have no place in it.

…The performance given by Henry Thomas as Elliot is so incredibly good, I can’t believe he was really acting, I think he was really feeling those things on screen. … Because E.T. was REAL, and by real I mean E.T. existed as a physical rubber puppet of some sort, giving something to act with. Today, E.T. would have been CG, and there would have been nothing for the child actor to react to and with, and the performance wouldn’t be 1/10th as nuanced and real and RAW as Thomas’ is.

…Imagine being a kid in 1982 and going to see E.T. in the theater?? … I think I went one time to see it in a theater that only cost $1!

…I bought a bike at the end of June in part because I wanted to relive the experience of what it was like as a kid in the 80’s to ride around on your bike, exploring, feeling the Freedom of going anywhere, until dark that is and your mother’s calls you home. … I can tell you personally, that was every boy’s dream in the 80’s, to ride your bike fleeing the authorities, riding for Freedom, riding as if your life depended on it, even if for us it was only in our imaginations. … In that very year, 1982, I was the second best (really for the slip of a pedal THE best) BMX rider in all of New England.

…If I ever met John Williams, I would tell him, “your scores defined my childhood and really my life,” as I am sure at least one person must tell him each and every day. For a movie to be truly iconic, it must have a theme you can recognize instantly and add an absolutely critical dimension to the movie. … It’s absolutely perfect. “da neh dunna na na nan eh” You can FEEL the wind in your hair too as Elliot and E.T. fly through the air and the score soars.


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