20th Anniversary Skimboarding Season: Session #07

September 8, 2007 · Print This Article

I totally didn’t consider what condition the beach would be in just days after a typhoon had hit Tokyo. The typhoon wasn’t strong enough to cause serious damage to buildings, but it did cause the Tama River to overflow and some damage as I soon saw to coastal areas. I first realized things were wrong as I walked along the cliffside sidewalk to the area of Chigasaki I skim on. … Of course I ignored the ropes as I saw no apparent problem and didn’t want to go out of my way. Then up ahead I saw huge chunks of concrete split and cracked. … Then I did have to go out to the street and circumnavigate the damaged area to reach the beach proper.

…Then I beheld the beach, and it was a wasteland. … I should have just turned around and went back home, but the wave conditions were decent. I saw some Aussie surfer I had seen before on my way in (he was just riding by on his bike) and he said the water was filthy and he wouldn’t go in it, though a handful of surfers were out braving it. … So as I stepped over and around a motorcycle helmet, cans of every kind, plastic bottles of every kind, and even the top of a toilet, it still didn’t occur to me that this could actually be dangerous for me to skim on.

…Then boom, while running on an approach to a wave, felt a pain in my left foot, like an imbecile I kept running another few steps, but then the pain became too great and I just dropped my skimboard and fell down to get off my foot asap. A small piece of bamboo about 5cm long and 1cm wide was stuck in my left foot in the area just under my 4th toe. … The sharp tip was covered in my blood and there was a good sized hole under my toe. For some reason, however, it hardly bled, which I was thankful for. A kindly ojisan asked me if I was alright, and wanting to be brave, I of course said I was even though I was really starting to feel squeamish.

So now I had a hole in my foot and the next big Izu skimboarding trip coming up next weekend. Have to do a lot of healing in a week’s time.


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