Reverse Yamate Dori ride

October 12, 2007 · Print This Article

Time in motion: 1 hour 11 minutes 32 seconds

Average speed: 13.7 mph

Max speed: 32.7 mph (a new record)

A second consecutive Friday morning ride. As usual I didn’t decide where to ride until the last minute. Then I only had the idea to “go north” as I usually head in a southerly or easterly direction. So instead of my usual left turn onto the street in front of my building, I made a right and took that road until it was no more. From that deadend I took the left fork which lead me to who knows where. Traffic was heavy and the red lights were constant. I was getting frustrated, but I felt that if I just kept going north enough the roads would open up.

…I was wrong. After about 35 minutes of straight riding I got fed up of the traffic and pulled a you turn. Little did I know that I was actually on Yamate Dori, a street I’ve ridden on several times but in the opposite direction. I had only taken exactly two roads from my building, yet miraculously, I got seriously lost on the way home which took almost 45 minutes when it should have taken less than 30. It didn’t make sense in my mind at all how I ended up so east of Ikebukuro. This could be because of wrong or ignant knowledge of the layout of the northwest area of central Tokyo or (more likely) due to some magic quirk that requires one to get lost on 50% of one’s sojourns out into new territory in Tokyo.

…The only good thing about this ride was that I got extra exercise in than I planned, that one part of the return ride was down a pleasant tree lined street, and that I set a new max speed record rocketing down a large hill that thankfully had a green light at the bottom of it.


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