Hanado Dori Fast Friday Ride

November 10, 2007 · Print This Article

Distance: 13.96 miles

Time in motion: 56 minutes 18 seconds

Average speed: 15.2 mph (a new record)

Max speed: 25.5 mph

As you can see by the stats, I finally found a road that has minimal lights allowing me to stay in motion and set a new record average speed. Rode for less than an hour and averaged a speed faster than the distance traveled in that hour. This is the first time this has happened. As always, I had no idea where I wanted to ride. My bike was out on the balcony by my front door, ready to be taken downstairs, but I stood inside my apartment hands on hips staring out my window thinking, “where?” It came to me to check out the street the Nissan rental car place is on. I’d ride that for as long as it went. Turns out it goes on for a good 5 miles and being a smaller road has less lights and more importantly no major intersections that have 2 to 3 minute red light eating lights. Most intersections, when they were decorated by red, I could roll through still. When Hanado Dori (might not be the actual name as I only glanced at the name of it once) ended I made a hard right and cruised down another road for about 2 miles very similar to it. Both roads were nicely tree lined making for a pleasant ride in the crisp air and bright sunlight, which I knew by afternoon would change to clouds and rain.

I will definitely ride this route again in the near future, perhaps going even further, or at the least trying to break a 15.5 mph average.


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