Generation Kill episode #05 “A Burning Dog” review

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GENERATION KILL is really hitting its stride now.  The 5th episode, “A Burning Dog,” was riveting for every second of it’s hour-long running time.  From the very opening seen I was sucked in and taken off my bed and into my television.  The first season of GENERATION KILL is the best season of TV since the 4th season of THE WIRE.  

In this entry we find more of the same, but it is in no way a repetitive episode.  The things that are repeated need it.  These were the incompetency of the commanding officers, the mistakes that are made when troops don’t have the proper supplies and how the ambition of people never in danger puts the people under them in great danger.

I can’t tell you how visceral a feeling I have when Brad and Ray and Trombley and the Rolling Stone reporter load up into their humvee and begin rolling through the dark on a mission.  It is perhaps something innate in the American male, that being the feeling one gets when riding in one’s car with friends, especially when there is danger around.

I am at once totally stoked to be in the humvee with them, and at the same time petrified.  I feel another duality, that as long as they (we) are in the humvee we are safe, but in the back of my mind I know we are incredibly vulnerable.  

There have been battle scenes and firefights for Bravo Company before, but in this ep they went full-on for the first time, and thanks to a masterful editing job, it wasn’t just a incoherent mess of not knowing what was going on.  The viewer could see the threats and how the soldiers dealt with it, and how the leadership and bravery of one man, Sgt. Brad “Iceman” Colbert, saved all their asses.  

Like I said in the opening paragraph, this is the finest television I’ve seen in years and GENERATION KILL’s first season is on pace to become one of the all time great TV seasons.

RATING:  4-stars, better than most motion pictures


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