Teien Art Museum Garden in Meguro

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It’s been raining all week in Japan, but very luckily there was a 90-minute random sunshine break Saturday afternoon, and that just happened to be the time Aya and I arrived at the small, but cozy and densely forested traditional Japanese garden surrounding the Teien Art Museum in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan.  The park contains the usual ponds and pogodas that all traditional Japanese gardens have, but is also dotted with several large pieces or artwork and sculptures.  Pictured above is the most impressive, a huge, smooth marble square with a hole and seemingly a giant’s nose impression.  It was very smooth the the touch.  I enjoy running my finger tips over smooth, cool marble, and don’t often have the chance, so this was a nice, unexpected find.

Spiders were visible all over the place, and cicadas were audible from mostly hidden tree branch perches.  The lone pond had the usual coy and turtles.  Then there were some butterflies and dragonflies zipping around, all too fast to get any shots of.

The garden surrounds an excellent museum, that when combined with a visit of the park itself, combine to make an excellent afternoon in the city, but not in the city.


  • Admission fee ¥300  (with museum ¥1,000)
  • 7-minute walk from Meguro Station (on the Yamanote line)
  • 4-minute walk from exit #1 of Shirokanedai Station (Namboku line)
  • Official park website in English

Shizen Kyoiku Park entrance sign A huge marble sculpture in Shizen Kyoiku Park Aya peeking in Shizen Kyoiku Park
The rough corner of the marble sculpture in Shizen Kyoiku Park Statues rest in Shizen Kyoiku Park A very heavy table in Shizen Kyoiku Park
panther statue 01 in Shizen Kyoiku Park panther statue 02 in Shizen Kyoiku Park blue flowers in Shizen Kyoiku Park
A mushroom of unknown magical properties in Shizen Kyoiku Park Leftover raindrops in Shizen Kyoiku Park A wide open and green leisure area in Shizen Kyoiku Park
Two obasans stroll along the path in Shizen Kyoiku Park Shizen Kyoiku Park tree and sky 02 A tree reaching for the sky in Shizen Kyoiku Park
Three trees or one splitting another? - Shizen Kyoiku Park Tree support in Shizen Kyoiku Park
Stopping stagnation in a pond in Shizen Kyoiku Park A bubbling spring in Shizen Kyoiku Park A coy in Shizen Kyoiku Park
Natural Aya in Shizen Kyoiku Park Aya feeds coy a pine needle in Shizen Kyoiku Park Aya looking at the coy in Shizen Kyoiku Park
Aya taking a seat in Shizen Kyoiku Park    


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EDITORIAL UPDATE:  This post first mistakenly called it Shizen Kyoikuen Park.


15 Responses to “Teien Art Museum Garden in Meguro”

  1. on September 5th, 2008 12:42 AM

    Japanese parks and gardens are my favorite. I love the landscaping and ponds.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Do you have a backyard at your home in L.A.? Any Japanese style landscaping in it if you do? When I move back to the U.S. next year it would be great to carve out a little bit of yard (if not more) to look like one of these Japanese gardens.


  2. on September 5th, 2008 4:08 AM

    I am very lucky to have a small backyard with my condo about 15 x 15 feet. However, it is full of toys and sandbox and a grassy area for my boys and dog. So I wouldn’t be able to have much of a garden. But someday I would.

    Even if you only have a small yard or patio, you can definitely make a nice little Japanese garden.

    (Unrelated note – I am using the new Google Chrome browser and I am liking it more and more. One cool feature is it has a spell check feature similar to Word. When I misspell a word in a comment box like this, it puts a red line under the word. Right click and it gives the correct spelling.)


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Well, in the sandbox area you could do that raking of the sand that some Japanese gardens have??

    (about the spellchecking, both Safari and Firefox have had that for a long time, I can’t believe you use IE!)


  3. on September 5th, 2008 11:32 PM

    I think I will start moving away from IE. Never used Firefox but heard it’s good.


  4. on September 10th, 2008 8:58 PM

    This park looks great! I too love the gardens in Japan and am always looking for new ones to explore – and now I have one!



    Jason Collin Reply:

    Thanks Shane. It was the first garden I photographed with my new DSLR (Nikon D80). After five and a half years in Tokyo, I too find it a challenge to find new traditional gardens to explore.

    Actually, I need to edit this post as the name of the park is wrong! These photos are actually of the Teien Museum’s garden. However, I hear the neighboring Shizen Kyoiku Park is great too!

    Actually, I recommend going before September 23rd because then besides the great garden you can see the great sculpture exhibition by Katsura Funakoshi. I was very impressed, which is a rarity with art.

    A review of the exhibition here:



  5. on September 10th, 2008 9:29 PM

    Shizen Kyoiku Park in Meguro…

    This is a park in Meguro that I have never heard of but I will be sure to check out now. The sculptures look interesting and who doesn’t love a Japanese garden?…

  6. on September 10th, 2008 9:41 PM

    I have been to the Tien Museum and garden and it is quite beautiful. In fact I blogged about the museum and their art deco exhibit a while back. My hubby and I went to an exhibit of old Tokyo photos there that was really intriguing and insightful.

    Anyway, I soc’d the post so now you have to edit it…no pressure :)

    I still want to check out the other garden though.


  7. on September 24th, 2008 9:56 PM

    Hi Jason,
    We discovered the park and museum this month as well.
    That white sculpture is very popular, everyone wants to go up and touch it ,climb through it and have their photo taken infront of it.

    The museum in the house ( or should I say palace?) is fascinating .
    We went to the current exhibition which has some pretty bizarre works of art in it. Well worth it just to see the inside of the house.

    I’m off to figure out where you live now 😉
    Its not that far away from us.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Hi Jon…..yeah, I thought the sculpture exhibit was great, and I am not easily impressed by artwork. In October there will be an open house of sorts in the building itself allowing people to take photos inside.

    For hints on where I live, check my Google Street View post!


    Are you residing in Shinjuku-ku as well?


  8. Jacqueline Thomson
    on September 25th, 2008 8:41 AM

    I went to that park ages ago! That oval hole thing is cool I have a photo of me there with HUGE hair I would show you but don;t know how to add a photo.
    Hope you’re welll Jacqueline


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Hi Jacko!

    Send me the photo by e-mail and I’ll put it in the post!

    Also, is your mailing address the same? I have a postcard to send your way.

    Hope you are well too.


  9. on September 28th, 2008 9:51 PM

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  10. on September 29th, 2008 10:57 PM

    […] park enough as an escape within the limits of Tokyo.  And also right next door is the excellent Teien Art Museum Garden (and museum).  I highly recommend both, especially for long-time Tokyo residents who have never […]

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