Foote Family Christmas Party Japan 2008

January 4, 2009 · Print This Article

Once again the Foote Family opened its doors wide to entertain 30+ people for a post-Christmas, Christmas party.  This was also a white elephant gift exchange party, which proved to be a huge success.  There were about four highly coveted presents that exchanged hands many, many times.  The most popular of these was a Cocoa Latte machine.  It was swapped at least a dozen times.  I ended up with a nice, wooden hand massager turtle.  Aya got a glove hand massager, another win for me!

On a sad note, for me, this was my final Foote Family Gathering.  I move back to the U.S. in just over a month.  It’s funny, some of my best times in Japan were spent at a hidden part of America right in the greater Tokyo area.  I can only say thanks very much for all the good times.

Past Foote Family Gatherings:


It was quite the gathering at the Foote's, a good 30 people or more Mrs. Foote shows off the present that would be chosen first The Can whistles at my lens to Kumi's amusement, apparently
Big interest in these nuts by gawkers Doug first claimed the highly priced Cocoa Latte machine Su-young surprised to get a huge t-shirt
Jacob and his wife ponder what to do with life and their choice of present Rob and Hitomi try to make two heads better than none. Gifts got
Emmanuel got a tie, as did quite a few people, not just men either! Rob got a handmade ham radio Lucas has quite a time opening up his present, perhaps he needs to hit the weights?
Anna scored some chocolate, and kept it. Anna's brother is now the proud owner of Doug's return-flight slippers! The pain of receiving a football tie is self-evident in poor Hitomi's reaction.
Su-young gets chocolate that will soon be stolen Aya got a glove back massager, which is a win for me! Kumi gets Elmo!
My old blender has a happy/shocked new owner! Jei squeezes Doug's hand a bit too hard boom!  And just like that Cocoa Latte is back in the hands of the adults!
UK Mike kept trying to part with this piece of fine art A classic Genny pose Genny's mind is blown by getting the Cocoa Latte machine!
Anna's future vegetarian sister-in-law didn't get the cereal she thought she would, bath salts instead! I don't know who this dude is, but he can pose for me anytime. See what I mean?  This dude is just plain photogenic, someone give him my card!
This coveted set of holiday plates is zipped across the room by an adult. Boom!  Cocoa Latte machine on the move again! Then all of a sudden a somber present interupts the Cocoa Latte bedlum.
Finally, someone who truly appreciates fine art! A nose hair trimmer is the gift that keeps on giving, embarrassment that is. Hitomi mastered her pain and looks quite fetching in a tie that would make Tom Landry proud.
Genny and a friend share a laugh. Emmanual, Hitomi and Lucas, hard to keep them calm for a photograph.... ...see what I mean?  They lost it the very next second
There is just no defining Juri, she is as unique as them come. Juri also likes to lurk around for take home snacks! Genny, Mrs. Foote & yours truly pose for a farewell photo.
UK Mike and Su-young, too bad couldn't find any mistletoe Juri and Jei celebrate their short-lived possession of the Cocoa Latte machine Aya is often shocked, and Kumi is often in deep thought


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  1. on January 5th, 2009 6:16 AM

    Have you decided where you are moving to?


    Jason Collin Reply:

    First, we’ll be flying into Florida and staying there I imagine for at least a month (defrosting, unwinding from the Tokyo grind, etc.). Then, if I close my eyes and think on it, I want to live in California. So we could be neighbors soon! If you have any job leads for someone with my skill set, please let me know!


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