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There are no spoilers in this part until after the break.  Click on to read my thoughts and comments on LOST 5×03 “Jughead” and rate the episode in the poll below.  




This was definitely a bridge episode, but a very interesting bridge to cross.  A lot of character development and backstory was provided, especially for Faraday and Widmore.  I think the best moment of the ep was when Locke said “nice to meet you” to Widmore.  


  • Every time Desmond said “aye”
  • Desmond and Penny living on the sailboat
  • Faraday possibly being a dick, not just a weak geek
  • Juliette’s perpetual heaving
  • Locke calling himself the “leader” all the time
  • Finding out that Richard Alpert is old, very old, and that he was “always there”
  • The Others using Latin as a secret language
  • Of course the reveal that Widmore was on the island in his youth


  • Desmond just being able to waltz into Widmore’s office and dictate terms, why would Widmore allow that?
  • For some reason don’t like the fact Desmond and Penny had a kid, annoys me!
  • Charlotte getting sick just as Faraday says he loves her, come on!
  • Sawyer just saying annoying things for no reason, i.e. “Frogurt getting taken out with an arrow,” or something like that, seems too much to diss a dead person.  They need to find a role for him instead of just spitting out nicknames and possibly getting randy about Juliette’s ample bosom (that’s my job).

Everyone should read Herc’s, of AICN, small write up of this ep also.  He points out a few cool things, like how Widmore, Desmond and Penny’s kid, and of course dead Charlie all have the same name.  

I am very interested to learn more about Widmore now, especially about his time on the island.  What I really want to know, though, is WHY does everyone like the island so much and why do they want to “possess” it?  I hope that gets defined clearly by show’s end.

So a good character development episode, with a tiny bit of action.  I can say I didn’t miss Jack or Kate at all.  Maybe they are just dragging the show down now?  Widmore and Faraday seem very interesting and capable of carrying the show, plus with Locke and Desmond operating on and off the island.  


4 Responses to “LOST 5×03 “JUGHEAD” — SPOILERS”

  1. on January 30th, 2009 5:40 PM

    Almost all the stuff with Desmond and Faraday was annoying for me. Desmond, I dunno. Perhaps it’s something to do with his build- in the early days he seemed like a big guy, strong- and now he just seems like a skinny pansy. Penny too. Why hasn’t she waltzed in to see her father and said- wtf is going on? I thought she was tough- obviously not. She is crying and being weak all the time Desmond is saying he has to save people. Again, wtf- you think he should leave them to die? In the end she rolls with it- but why even give him a hard time?

    Spotted the Charlie’s and Charles.

    Widmore- I like this guy. Maybe my new favourite character. He DOES stuff. Was gonna cut off Juliette’s hand just to show he’s serious. Broke that kid’s neck with barely a thought. He clearly really believes in what he’s doing, and to this day still does. Whether he’s right or wrong- that kind of passion draws me into the show.

    Agreed on Jack and Kate- they’re all just a bunch of pansies now. None of them have any drive. Just bouncing around, living their lives. Not interesting. Jack was great in the first season. Pretty much everything since then has seen him descend into fuddled absence of drive.

    Locke though is maybe coming into his own. “He’s one of my people”. FINALLY- having the upper hand on intel on someone- he knows more than the young Widmore- which is great. Knows more than even Richard in some areas. Leader, about time.

    I could care less about the off-island people. All their constant urgency means nothing til I have a better idea what they’re all freaking out about. It’s like Jack Bauer always yelling- ‘we don’t have time!’ It gets old. Until I know what the threat is- it’s just a bunch of headless chickens running around.

    Faraday needs to quit being so damn scatter-brained. Just SAY it! Whatever IT is. Sawyer- just checked on wikipedia- Frogurt isn’t even that guy’s name! I thought it was his name- so couldn’t see why you were upset at Sawyer. Hmm. Sawyer is just a big lug now. Too many people don’t know what’s going on, so they can’t DO anything. Not interesting to watch them fumble around- that’s what all of season 4 was!


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I can’t say I noticed Desmond looking skinny.

    Widmore could become the new badass character on the show, replacing Ben. But let’s not go replacing Ben just yet.

    So many characters are not necessary anymore. Besides Jack and Kate being on the expendable list, I’d put Sun there as well.


  2. jei
    on February 1st, 2009 10:08 PM

    Sawyer just needs something to do. He is trying to be a leader and he hasn’t figured it out yet. I think this is a great development for him–we get to watch it happen, just as we watched Jack crumble. I think by next season Jack will be back they will both be alpha dogs and they will kick ass together. It was interesting how Locke goes after “his people” and gives Sawyer the choice to go after Faraday who Sawyer clearly thinks of as someone he needs to take care of.

    I liked:
    -that young Widmore is a prick.
    -that Lock figured out who he was
    -Juliet looking good
    -Desmond looking very cool at Oxford
    -Desmond finding the link between Faraday and Widmore
    unlike Mike, I liked that Desmond just walked into Widmore’s
    office. Clearly Widmore cares about Penny–and he knows that Desmond is who she chose. It’s a human weakness–remember that Ben has promised to kill her.
    -Locke to Richard: “Jacob sent me”

    Didn’t like:
    -The H bomb
    -the confession of love
    -actually, Charlotte–why the hell is she on the island anyway?
    -Charlie being born already. Maybe they were like, “well, Penny is probably too old to have a kid 3 years later, so we better give her a 3-year old kid”


  3. on February 4th, 2009 3:01 AM

    Just had someone on Twitter @reply to me that he liked the ideas we wrote here and that his wife thinks Charlotte may be Faraday’s daughter. I think that would be an awesome twist and make the love declaration less hack.


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