LOST 5×04 The Little Prince — SPOILERS

February 6, 2009 · Print This Article

Umm, was that the worst episode of LOST ever?  If it wasn’t, then it certainly has to be in the bottom five of all time.  45 minutes of creepy music and mystery face reveals does not an episode make, not when there are precious few hours left to tell the final chapters of the LOST story.  




I liked the music in this ep right away.  Liked the badass score when Sawyer said “we’re going to the Orchid.”  And then not much else.


  • the up-face shots of Juliette
  • Hurley in an orange prison jumpsuit
  • Ben seemingly double-crossing everyone again
  • the aforementioned music
  • how pretty pre-crazy Danielle was
  • the hatch light shooting up into the sky
  • Kate for the first time ever appeared to be slightly pretty


  • the total lack of progression of the story
  • everyone and their mother getting nose bleeds
  • random rafts and wreckage appearing right in front of Locke & company
  • Ben seemingly double-crossing everyone again
  • Jack for the love of Buddha not telling Kate any of the reasons why he was doing what he was doing
  • the TOTAL lack of chemistry between the actors still on the island now
  • Anytime valuable screen time is wasted showing Aaron
  • Kate and Claire birth scene revisited

I wonder if it will be just me who didn’t like this episode, but I can’t see how anyone could have liked it.  Just a bunch of “reveals.”  Wooo, Claire’s mom, and she’s just a red herring.  Oooh, Jin, they trivialized his death scene from last season by having him still be alive.  Wooo, Danielle arrives on the island.  Big whoop.  These were all just flashbacks which I thought we weren’t going to get anymore.  They just re-gimmicked the flashback system by having these time jump light flashes.

Faraday literally had the same expression on his face the entire episode, and so did everyone on the island.  Juliette looked bored.  Sawyer is not hitting the acting notes to me.  Just spouting one liners then faking concern about Kate.  You mean to tell me the real Sawyer wouldn’t be thinking about laying claim to the suddenly unclaimed Juliette?  Come on!  

Please, no more close-ups of Charlotte’s face.  It’s whiter than the moon and it’s lack of defined edges freaks me out.  Put a scarf on her or something.

Not a single real redemptive thing about this ep.  Fail?


3 Responses to “LOST 5×04 The Little Prince — SPOILERS”

  1. on February 6th, 2009 11:24 AM

    Ha, lot of good points. Sawyer hitting the one-note constantly pissed of but powerless thing- awful yes. Agree, need no more shots of Charlotte, or Aaron. Jack not telling Kate a single thing- wtf? Hasn’t she learned not to trust this dumbass? All of that stuff with JAck, Ben, etc.., couldn’t care less about it. So tired of Ben not just explaining things to people, or people blindly following him.

    I liked the gimmick flashbacks and forwards. Sawyer and the birth scene, Locke and the white light- they’re powerful call-backs and mean something to me- in fact these are the only good things in the episode I think.

    So sick of Faraday. He knows stuff, but he’s not saying. Dammit, just speak! Always been a frustration on LOST, but can’t they see they are on the same side, it would benefit them to tell each other stuff?

    Ach, Jack lies to Kate, puts her in Ben’s hands, wtf? Hurley in jail, oh, what a terrible impediment. Who cares?

    Jin’s death trivialized- hmm, I don’t think so, I never thought he was dead anyway. Nice to see the Frenchwoman pre-crazy. Guess we’ll find out how all her crew die.

    Someone drank all the beer!!


  2. on February 6th, 2009 11:31 AM

    I have to agree with Jason on this one. To me this was a fair waste of time, perhaps not in the bottom five, but pretty damn close.

    Basically everyone wandering around without a clue as to what’s going on an no coherent story line at all. Pretty much every actor on the screen here is being both boring and annoying at the same time, not a good combination. Even my usual favourites Locke and Ben were a disappointment, neither of them manning up or advancing in character development. Sawyer has been relegated to the role of some annoying guy that shouts a lot, is never in control of himself, and adds absolutely nothing to the show. And don’t even get me started on Kate (who while still annoying, is at least looking pretty good these days) and Jack. Just pathetic both of them. How can a pusssy like Jack be the center of this show? And every time I see Erin/Aaron on screen I cringe. I still think this kid is mentally challenged or something, and doesn’t belong on this show.

    This time travel thing is getting out of hand now. Who cares about going back 16 years ago to see Danielle when she was young? Her and her daughter both died without any dignity at all and now we’re revisiting her early years? And I knew Jin would be coming back because we didn’t actually see him die, but I wasn’t at all awed to see him again, just too cliche. Good makeup though to make him look like he’s sunburnt to hell and half dead.
    Now of course we have to wait for Michael to come back as well. Yawn….

    Come on Lost, you don’t have many eps here, we don’t need the filler.


  3. jei
    on February 6th, 2009 11:37 PM

    We expect more from Lost. The lawyer plotline is just dumb. Hope Sun puts a cap in Ben’s ass, but you know he’s going to tell her that Jin is still alive.


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