LOST 5×06 316 — SPOILERS

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It took me awhile to get to watch this episode with moving to Florida from Japan and all, so I didn’t exactly watch this episode as I usually do.  This episode felt like a cream-cicle to me.  It was creamy and smooth and dream like, and just went on its way by itself like it didn’t know people were watching it.  


  • The whole pendulum room, the Lampost
  • Desmond saying “brother” again
  • Hurley bringing Charlie’s guitar with him
  • John’s note to Jack
  • Sayid not getting a chance to say a word about his arrest
  • Faraday’s mother’s voice


  • No one asking been how he got injured (trying to kill Penny?)
  • the abruptness to the feel of this episode…boom, they are back on the island?  Come on!
  • Ben can return to the island?  Thought he couldn’t?
  • Kate pounding Jack then being distant
  • The weird feel to this episode

I haven’t read the comments below about this ep.  All I have is a one-word description from the Can, “bizarre.”  

I bet Jin can speak fluent English now.


5 Responses to “LOST 5×06 316 — SPOILERS”

  1. on February 22nd, 2009 10:20 AM

    Straight into this episode- I thought I’d missed something. It was a real disconnect- were they on the island? Had I some-how gotten a copy of episode 7 or 8?

    Of course- not. They just jumped things forward- and since I was expecting them to drag this whole thing out for the whole season, I’m very glad they sped things forward- while leaving plenty of new questions to flash back/forward to.

    Things to Like-

    -Ben to Jack: “My mother taught me.”
    -Dude telling Jack- “Condolences”. Clearly a new bad guy.
    -Lamp-post station- though was waiting the whole time for someone to get whacked by the pendulum.
    -Did Ben kill Penny?
    -Jack asks Mrs. Hawking- ‘Is he lying?’ about Ben. She says- “Probably”.
    -Ben to Jack- “You tell me, Jack. You’re the one who got to stay after school”.

    Things to dislike-

    -Maybe too big a jump forwards.

    Hmm. Can’t think much else to say. I liked it, has me hungry for more. Good episode. Vote- 4 out of 5.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I had the same feeling, like, did I miss an episode? It did seem all of a sudden for them to be back on the island and back in business there.

    The after school line was good.

    I’d vote it only 3 out of 5 stars though.

    Ah, and I was waiting for the pendulum to whack someone too!


  2. Jei
    on February 23rd, 2009 8:26 AM

    Mike hit it on the head. Very cool episode. I’d go as far as to give it a 4.5 of 5.

    I especially liked
    – The realization that a story about how they make up their minds to go back or not was not very interesting
    – New room for flashbacks
    – Sayid in chains instead of Kate (Anna Lucia’s relative?)
    – Hurley with Charlie’s guitar
    – Lepidus
    – The Penny question
    – The Aaron question (Kate ditches her “son” and sleeps with Jack!)
    – John’s letter
    – The double meaning of John as a proxy for Christian
    – Condolences guy–a red herring?
    – Ben praying
    – The reveal at the end with Jin

    Possibly didn’t like:
    – The jump was big
    – The buildup seems over-complicated compared to how they get back
    – Ray. Either he should have gone with Jack or there shoulda been another item. Thought there would be some importance about a 3rd gen of Shephards


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Ah, good point. There should have been something more significant about Jack’s grandfather. Maybe there will be?


  3. Jei
    on February 26th, 2009 12:15 PM

    Just watched 5×07. Another 4 star episode. A little too condensed but I really liked it.

    Will comment once you’ve seen it.


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