LOST 5×09 NAMASTE (spoilers)

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This will probably go down as one of the top ten episodes of LOST I believe.  This was also a continuation of the undefinable nature of many of the episodes in the fifth season.  I guess the best description of this episode would be as a reunion type episode, but there were some of the best scares in an episode of LOST yet and also a premiere-worthy opening.  At this point I have no idea what the objective of anyone on the island is, or what the end game is.  


  • Sawyer calling Jack out for his “reaction” decisions
  • Sawyer doing some excellent thinking on his feet
  • Sawyer keeping his cool when confronted by Jack
  • I guess everything about Sawyer in general!
  • All of Hurley’s dialogue, “dudes” in particular
  • Sun getting the best of Ben
  • The scares when Frank and Sun entered the forest
  • Juliette’s eternally warm smile


  • The kid at the end predictably being Ben
  • That other welcoming guy who is Jimmy on Mad Men, his face just pisses me off
  • Ben getting bested by Sun
  • Christian Shepard being a continued Deus ex machina in episodes

So I guess now the Oceanic 6 can have a chance to shape the growth of a young Ben?  And thus later the future?  But what are Faraday’s thoughts on what can and cannot be changed?  And I guess Faraday is off the island now, or dead?  I guess he just took the sub back.

Sawyer really is in control and in charge.  Totally diffused Jack and put him in his place.  PWNed is the term I believe.  

I really want to know what Hurley’s work assignment is!

I have no idea what LOST is about anymore or what the show is moving towards.  Essentially all of last season and this season continues to be people shuffling back and forth to the island.  This episode was very interesting and the 30 years earlier was a very cool gimmick, and I am enjoying the ride, but I am not seeing the big picture anymore.  

I thought Ben wasn’t allowed to return to the island?  I thought he said when he was leaving last season that he wouldn’t be able to come back?  Maybe that was because seeing your own past self could be very bad?  

I just checked what the two-part season 5 finale is titled.  Very interesting.


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  1. on March 20th, 2009 8:19 PM

    Another awesome episode. I love how layered the show is becoming. It’s still the SAME island, it’s still the SAME group of people (basically), but still they’re finding new and fascinating ways for them to interact with it.

    Genius, really.

    I think with-holding the end-game, or even what it might be, is a definite Abrams trait. He may not be writing the show but he over-saw it’s conception, and it’s a very common thread in his shows and movies that you never really know what’s going on. Cloverfield you never know the why of what’s happening, MI:3 you don’t know what the rabbit’s foot is, Fringe is like LOSt in that you have no idea what’s going on or who the bad guys are. I presume Alias is the same too.

    I think though we know the end-game in general terms- there’s going to be a war, presumably one which will end the world. And our heroes were brought to the island, by Christian Shepherd or whatever he represents, by him controlling the outer world in a series of chance and remote coincidences and ways. That’s all the crossover and numbers stuff of the first two seasons playing out in back stories.

    And the war is in the past. I like that. And probably it will be the war against Ben.

    OR- perhaps the Dharma initiative will turbo-charge, become like gods. Ben killed them to stop that from happening. Maybe our people need to HELP Ben. Probably, as others have said- jughead will blow up the whole place come the end.

    Sawyer was excellent in this episode.He called Jack out directly. Right now he’s more stable and assured than Jack has ever been in his life- and he won’t let Jack come in and screw things up with his perpetually watery eyes. Also Jack looked skinny and weak next to Sawyer- a first.

    Great stuff. Highlight of the week.


  2. on March 21st, 2009 6:47 AM

    I’ll post this first without reading any above comments.

    Where has this episode been all my life???
    Perhaps three of the best scenes in the entire history of Lost happened in this episode:

    -Jack getting put in his damn place when trying to chastise Sawyer. hahaha! when I saw this I was almost giddy! Finally Sawyer has a chance to turn the tables on Jack who was always always getting his way, pushing Sawyer around, never listening, etc.
    When Sawyer told Jack his leadership style consisted of just reacting and not thinking, I was like ‘damn straight!’

    2nd Best
    -Jack getting relegated to the status of ‘workman’ based on his aptitude test. I figure he didn’t really take the test though, so was this just something Sawyer arranged as a little dig?

    3rd Best
    -Jack’s floored expression when he realizes that Sawyer and Juliette are a couple. Ha!
    Juliette is really looking hot these days….

    Also glad to see that a young Ben is there. Wonder if Sawyer et al. noticed him before? I suppose they have as Sawyer seemed to have already taken Hurley’s comments about them getting wiped out into consideration.

    Wonder what happened to Faraday?


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