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LOST returned to its format roots with this episode for the most part.  It may have been the new environment in which I watched this episode, but I found it to be not very compelling and literally all filler until the final scene.  I feel LOST has outgrown its old flashback formula style and this return to it was like hitting the brakes, however interesting that filler may have been.



  • the flaming van rolling into Dharmaville
  • seeing more of how Ben got to be Ben
  • Juliette’s smile
  • Sayid keeping his promise to Ben about what would happen if he ever saw him again
  • Sawyer’s line about 3 years of no houses burning but in one day of ya’ll being back…


  • Sawyer’s large and in charge persona lasted only a SiNGLE episode
  • Sayid getting duped by that female bounty hunter (NO woman ever approaches any man in a bar unless she’s up to something)
  • the use of filler flashbacks and the very narrow list of characters featured in this ep
  • Sayid predictably killing young Ben at the end
  • Sayid not just getting executed at the end of the ep as the reason why he came back

Basically this was an entire ep just to have young Ben killed.  Did we really need to know why Sayid was in handcuffs getting on the plane?  Or that he was able to kill a chicken from a young age?  

My biggest question is one that was asked several times in this ep, why DID any of them return to the island?  So maybe Sayid had a purpose to kill Ben, but Jack?  Kate?  

On a side note, this was my first time to watch LOST in the U.S. for real, ever.  Even though I recorded the ep on my DVR and could fastforward through the commercials, I felt the change in viewing style to be a bit jarring, although the benefits of watching it on a 46″ HD screen were very apparent.


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  1. on March 26th, 2009 3:38 AM

    Although this ep was ok, after the highs of episode 9 it felt like a pretty steep drop.
    Ok so now we know why Sayid came back to the island but please. Having that chick beat him up, handcuff him and get him on to the plane by herself? Give me a break. Unless Sayid wanted to be beaten up, there’s no way that she could have accomplished getting badass Sayid to do anything.
    Throughout the episode, and especially at the end, I felt the writers were taking the Sayid character, which has consistently been one of my favourites, and basically flushing him down the toilet. What’s Sayid supposed to do now? Kill himself? Join the others? Whatever happens there can be no happy ending for him.

    So is Ben really dead? I guess the island wanted him dead so he probably won’t be coming back to life a la Locke. But if Ben is dead in the past, will he still exist in Locke and Sun’s future? It would be dumb if he just vanished or something, but would also not make much sense if he just continued on doing stuff. Hopefully the writers have some interesting final plan for Ben that makes sense. Oh and it seems that Daniel was wrong, and that the past can be changed, and changed quite a bit.

    I want to know what happened to Desmond and Penny!!!!


  2. on March 26th, 2009 10:00 AM

    Not a great one, but not a bad one either. I think more set-up than filler, and the flash-back style they did return to was not quite the old old style- but rather a total recap of sayid’s life- bringing to the fore the beginning of what has to be his main arc- how’s he gonna stop being a killer?

    Why did they come back to the island?

    That’s such a brilliant question- I’m glad someone finally asked it. Perhaps next week will be Kate’s slam-up-to-date flashback episode, perhaps we’ll even see what Ben said to her that time on the beach.

    We know why Jack came back- Locke convinced him there’d be some meaning in his life if he did, and his father started to stalk him after that. He got drugged up, suicidal, and going back to the island seemed his only way out. He should be feeling relaxed right about now.

    Hurley we’ll find out maybe the week after Kate.

    Jack has to face something- his father I suppose, being able to relinquish control sometimes, and sometimes to take control, and to know when to do what. How to lead well?

    Kate has to stop running and face the music.

    Hurley, dunno, maybe lose some weight? Something about facing up to his madness perhaps.

    Sayid, got to pay for his crimes and find redemption somehow.

    Sun, hmm, nothing really. Maybe that’s why she didn’t get zapped back in time.

    I don’t think Ben is really dead. It would totally screw up the timeline, and they’ve been pretty clear all along that you can’t change things. Desmond can, because he’s weirdly out of time, but the others cannot. So- Ben is either going to get saved by his own people, or the Others, or the island will heal him. One or the other.

    Poor young Ben.

    And Sayid, I guess he’ll run off and join Richard. He was acting pretty weird in the jail cell- he thought his purpose was to die? Or he knew Ben would let him out, and then he’d get to kill Ben?

    Looks like Sawyer has lost control of the situation. Ah well. Though the purge is still some time away, so no need to worry about that yet. Maybe they can chill out some, be god-parents to little Ethan, atc…

    And Jason, don’t start talking about the benefits of watching on your 46″ sceen, you’ll get Mike boasting again about how great his nano is for watching LOST on…


  3. Jei
    on April 3rd, 2009 8:04 PM

    Since I have already seen 4×11, I’ll just say that I liked this episode–though at a certain point I just feel sorry for Sayid. He is the only one who didn’t choose to come back to the island it seems. He also always gets hurt when he loves someone/something.

    He’s one of my favorite characters and I would like to hope the island will save him–he deserves it.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Hey Jei…yeah, sorry, was a bit lazy and uninspired to post a 5×11 review. Not a big Kate fan. She did pretty good in the ep though.


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