LOST 5×12 Dead is Dead — spoilers

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At the three-quarters mark I was beginning to think this might be the first 5-star episode of lost since THE CONSTANT and only the second 5-star episode since the Season 2 finale.  Alas, this episode couldn’t quite get me to 5-star territory.  I will elaborate after the break where spoilers will be.


What would it have taken for this episode to have gotten 5-stars from me?  Penny dying, or short of that, Ben dying at the very end.  As it stands, DEAD IS DEAD did not go as far as it could.  It addressed an important concern for me that I’ve long had, that Ben said when he left the island last season that he wouldn’t be able to come back.  The reasoning might be a bit gimmicky, but at least it was explained and noted.


  • NO Kate!  NO Jack!  Are they not totally expendable characters right now?
  • Back to the big dogs getting screen time:  Ben, Locke & Widmore
  • The lighting on John’s face in the opening scene, outstanding
  • The fear on Ben’s face throughout this episode
  • Ben Man-ing the F up and going to be judged, how many others would have the STONES to do that?  Few, very few
  • Penny’s acting when pleading to spare her son
  • Danielle’s acting when pleading to not take her son, in particular her French
  • The stone carving depicting the Smoke Monster judging the dog-person
  • Widmore calling Ben “BOY!”  love it!


  • Ben not killing Penny
  • In light of the above, Ben not dying
  • John doesn’t look good playing smug
  • No further details (yet) on why Widmore got booted off the island, and how Ben acquired the power to do so
  • Lapeidus just leaving Sun, Ben, Locke for no reason other than it’s inconvenient for the plot to have him there

Though I put that I didn’t like the lack of death in this episode, it was only a minor copout by the writers not killing Penny or Ben.  As soon as a bullet would have hit Penny though, I would have clicked the 5-star button.  That would have been stones by the writers to do that.  And if Ben is ever to die on the show, in my mind there would have been no better way for him to pass than by being judged by the Smoke Monster.

It was a powerful scene with Ben re-seeing his past with Alex and he and the audience (i.e. me) were ready to see him be given the ultimate judgment.  Yet he was spared because he had not done enough wrong.  I can live with this, but it would have been an epic death scene and I was prepared emotionally for it to happen.  The same for Penny dying.

So British choosing the boat name, “Our Mutual Friend.”

In case anyone was wondering where they’ve seen the actress that knocked out Lapiedus before, she would be the wench that Pullo aggressively made love to in the kitchen on the HBO series, ROME.  

Only four more episodes left in Season 5.  I have a feeling we might be on the fast track now in the storyline to a certain…incident.  

my rating:  4.25 stars


6 Responses to “LOST 5×12 Dead is Dead — spoilers”

  1. on April 9th, 2009 9:54 AM

    I was not awed by this episode, but it was good stuff.

    Thing I liked-

    -Locke’s demeanour. He’s just so chilled now, I love it. A bit like Jack has too. They know they’re pawns in some game bigger than themselves, and they’re ready to accept it and just go along. Good.

    -Locke saying to Ben, as Ben is about to go ‘summon’ the monster- ‘Better get to it then.’

    -Finally seeing that Ben is not all bad, and how he got corrupted. He chose the lesser of two evils when he stole Alex from her mother. The same compassion that stayed his hand from killing Penny when he saw her son. We have seen him kill a lot, and fairly senselessly, before- but the times he went in for the worst stuff, he was stopped. He gave the order to kill everyone at the beach except for the pregnant women, and all his men got killed.

    -The Temple, the wall, something on the inside nobody gets to see- presumably that which ‘lies in the shadow of the statue’.

    Didn’t like-

    – The monster saying Ben is planning to kill Locke again! When is he going to understand the island wants Locke alive? Why does he keep raging against it? Makes no sense for a guy who is penitent before the island to continue to so blatantly plot to defy it, again and again.

    – At the end Locke being ignorant again of what happened, and so giving some of the cards back to Ben. I can’t stomach to see Locke fumbling around in the dark again. He needs to maintain at his current pitch of- OK, so kill me, I don’t care any more.

    – The stuff with the people taking the guns and being agents now for some dark purpose. The Temple behind in the wall in the shadow of the statue has mad power, I guess.

    – Stopping short of showing us what the Temple is. But, ok, fair enough. Cerberus was the goal of this ep, and the dog hides in a kennel in front of the house, not in it. The Temple will have to remain for the climax of season 6 I suppose.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I was ok with them teasing the temple again, at least they identified it and we got to see underneath it.


  2. on April 9th, 2009 10:03 AM

    I’ll make a quick comment here.

    First of all, although I liked this episode a lot, it wasn’t as good as could have been.
    Very likable was the huge amount of screen time given to probably my two favourite characters, Locke and Ben. Everyone else except Sawyer is a minor character now in my mind.
    And while I appreciated seeing the back story of Ben and Charles, it seemed a bit weak in my mind. That was how Widmore and Ben had a falling out? Because Widmore married some outsider and was banished? Huh… ok, but I was thinking, hoping for something a bit darker than that.

    The fact that Ben failed to kill Penny was weak. That he shot Desmond in the chest was awesome, but then Desmond gets up and pounds Ben like Ben hadn’t shot him at all. Good to see Desmond manning up, but more Desmond please! More of that whole story line actually. What happened after that? Of course I didn’t want Penny to die, but I had been ready for that scene for a few eps. now, and was disappointed that Ben ultimately failed.

    Of course after Ben survived being shot as a kid in the last ep, and they went to all the trouble of bringing Ben back to life again, I knew the writers weren’t going to kill him now., and perhaps not ever. But again, I was disappointed with the ‘judgement’. I expected the smoke monster to do more than just swirl around Ben while flashing a few images. Then Alex being her old, annoying, loud, no acting ability, self coming back and saying boring stuff like ‘I’ll hunt you down blah blah’ was a fail in my mind.

    I seriously hate this new bunch of bad guys on the beach as well. They seem like pussies to me compared to the army guys in season 4. Is this what Widmore is sending after Ben now? He needs to do better than that. Was relieved to see Ben shoot Ceaser, even if he is much more interesting than that chubby, annoying Arabic woman that managed to subdue Sayid. Those guys need to man up fast if they want to get any respect from me.

    3 stars.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    From my view it only looked like Desmond was shot in the right arm which also caused the milk to explode.


  3. Jei
    on April 10th, 2009 11:26 AM

    I liked Locke’s line: I’m still the same man. He showed it too in going to help Ben.

    I liked Cesar better than anyone else on the plane, too bad he died so quick.

    I wanted Lepidus with Sun and Locke so that was a bummer.

    I liked the way Alex looked in an episode devoid of other attractive women. A little Electra-complex thing going on there for a moment.

    What’s with the Anubis and Osiris references with the monster? And I agree with the Can–the judgment scene was disappointing. I did get the feeling that Ben was more being used to guide John at this point and he was just going to get judged again later tho.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Maybe the staged nature of Ben’s judgment lessoned the impact. Everyone else was judged by a sudden rush by the smoke monster when the person was totally not expecting it.

    I liked how Ben said his people didn’t even have a name for it. That’s pretty sweet.

    The summoning way was pretty cool too.


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