LOST 6×08 “Recon”

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Another filler (?) episode LOST that was really disguised as something actually interesting?  No show in memory has ever had a satisfying season finale, not even the great THE WIRE ended well.  I am starting to fear for LOST the same fate as all of those.  More after the break.


This is the kind of ep I am thinking, “hmm, this is a pretty good ep, BUT, something just feels off, like the writers left out one key ingredient that without it causes a lack of pizzaz, though as is remains a semi-savory meal.”

I guess it just goes back to me being done with filler episodes.  The produces said, give us a finite end date so we can tell the story right.  Seems like the series should have ended after season 5.

Really, I mean really, the second the Oceanic 6 set first foot off the island, the show was over for me.  THAT was the premise of the show, stuck on an island, got to get off somehow.  They did, so no matter what happens, no matter what super cool history or mythology of the island they reveal, or what twist they bring in, to me, nothing will be bigger than them first getting off the island.  Increasing the scope of the show to go off island in the current timeline, for me, actually shrank the scope of the show in my eyes.

Anyway, about 6×08 Recon in particular . . .


  • The is he a cop or isn’t he few seconds at the end of the teaser
  • Miles being loyal to Sawyer even in the flashsideways, great turnaround for that character
  • Charlotte looking radiant at the restaurant, two pools of blue framed by red
  • Sawyer’s cavalier attitude when being marched to Widmore


  • More Claire insanity, don’t need it, don’t want to see it
  • The introduction of yet another new character, Zoe, this late in the game, don’t care how minor she is, sick of henchmen coming in all the time now
  • Sawyer being into Kate seemingly so soon after wanting to destroy the world over Juliet dying
  • Why in the hell is Flocke so damn careful and slow when he is the smoke monster, why not just cruise to the other island and destroy Widmore in the bat of an eye?  Why does he need ANY of those people?  And why does he NEED to kill any of them?
  • No Hurley

I was intending to give this episode 3 stars, but I may be talking myself into only 2 stars.  I really do not want all the action to be jammed into the final 2 or 3 hours of the series.  The battle between Widmore and Flocke had better the hell happen WAY before the series finale.  Their better be something more than just a fight to cap all this.

Basically an entire ep to tell us what we already knew from the 30 second ending of the previous ep, Widmore is setting up shop on the Hydra Island.  Widmore and Flocke don’t like each other.  Claire is crazy.  Need more happening each ep.  And I wish they had just had the respect to give Sayid an honorable death, whatever the hell he is now is an insult to his character.


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  1. on March 17th, 2010 9:47 AM

    In total agreement with you Jason. Felt like something was gonna happen, and nothing did. All the while am hoping Sawyer is running some complex double-con, trying to do the right thing, then learn that all he cares about is just getting him and Kate off the island.

    Really unbelievable. Unless this is some long con, it just doesn`t seem real. I think the last thing he wants is to get off the island. He wants to die on the island, next to Juliette`s grave. To that end, the moment he`s holding Kate`s dress in the polar bear cage made me feel ill. All this stuff with Kate makes me feel ill.

    This whole side of the story, actually. Too damn depressing. Sayid is just godawful. Kate is out of it. Locke can`t control his stuff, and needs to send lackeys off to do his bidding. I want more badassery from my bad guy. A little joy de vivre. This bad Locke is dull and about as weak as the original Locke! Beating him will hardly seem like a big deal.

    And the end of the flash-sideways, no redemption for Sawyer. After Ben`s redemption episode last week, all I want to see now for every character is their redemption. I don`t need to see them go any darker. I want them to start taking responsibility and finding the right path to get happy.

    And I need Locke to be more of a bad guy. If he`s really just this miserable bastard who wants to get home, and can`t even do half his dirty work and scouting for himself, can`t even control the crazy Claire he made himself, then I say just let the poor bastard go.


    Turn it around, guys. You gotta make the bad guy more bad ass. He`s looking more and more like season 3 and 4 Locke than ever, which is to say- weak.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Next week Carlton and Damon pen the episosde, so it is their show and that will be their episode to put a stamp down and say THIS is when the final season of LOST starts to dominate.

    Damn it, and noticed I still can’t get rid of the damn typos in the poll, need to start making them earlier than 1am after watching the episode.

    I more care about the island now and why it is so damn special rather than any of the characters!


    Jei Reply:

    I thought Sawyer got great redemption in this show. The punch of him giving up his secret to Miles was taken away by the cheesy crash and Kate revelation. Sawyer gave up his isolation and his vengeance… Miles is not going to let him kill Cooper. Plus, sideways Sawyer is gonna get an even sweeter finale when he meets sideways Juliet.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    If anyone meets flash-sideways Juliet it is going to be me!!


  2. on March 20th, 2010 9:39 AM

    I don’t know how the hell the writers think that they can suddenly make Sawyer a cop after all this time, but I LIKE it. Plus I like seeing Sawyer get the best of everybody he comes across, sweet.
    Seems you guys are pretty down on this ep. but I liked it alot, mainly because of Sawyer though who is definitely in my top three fav. actors in this show, the other two being Locke and Ben. He just carried the ep for me. Other stuff was just noise though, that we can agree on.

    Clarie and Kate stuff, pure garbage. The last thing I expected was for Clarie to weepingly say she was sorry for what she did. boring.

    Where the f*** did Jin go when he hobbled off? Just walked off the set completely? MORE JIN, less damn Kate!

    Locke is way to weak and ineffectual seeming yes, but I still have faith in the writers that it’ll all add up to something in the end, they haven’t disappointed me yet (for the most part) with their ability to tie up seemingly loose and random plot lines.

    Charlotte, still looked like a skull with red hair when we first saw her turn around, but by her last scene she actually looked pretty good. Her eyes can’t possibly be that shade of blue though, must be contacts.

    New characters, totally dont need them, especially when they’re mannish looking chicks with glasses.

    I wonder how dumb Locke thinks everyone is that they’ll believe they can take off in a very run down plane using a sandy beach for a runway?

    Have to give this ep. three stars though, but it’s all for Sawyer.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    yeah, I think what is really lacking in the story telling now is telling the viewers each character’s motivations. Why does Widmore want to come back and fight a monster? What’s his specific motivations?

    Why does Flocke want off? What are his motivations?

    Sawyer wants off the island, I can understand, he’s been stuck on it longer than any of the other main characters other than Jin.


  3. on March 24th, 2010 9:11 AM

    Btw, I was listening to a Bill Simmons podcast and they talked about this episode and said something I totally agree with: If Miles and Sawyer as cops was a show, I would definitely watch it.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I’d watch that show too!

    And add Hurley just as a dude they hangout with after work.

    Have them have a game night and Sawyer be like, why the hell am I here with these two??


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