LOST 6×13 “The Last Recruit”

April 21, 2010

LOST may have just finally saved its final season.  What I had been patiently waiting for many episodes to happen, finally happened, i.e., pieces are moving into place with clear-ish end games.  More after the break . . .

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KICK-ASS [2010] review

April 18, 2010

It is important to note the rating of the movie you are about to see, especially if it turns out to be rated R.  I only realized KICK-ASS was rated R right before the movie.  Therefore, it was a very unexpected movie in terms of language and violence.  The R rating was key, I believe, to making this movie feel real, or as real as any movie with an 11-year old girl who can kick scores of mens’ asses.

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STAR TREK [2009] review

April 17, 2010

It seems I have been catching up on long awaited movies to see lately. STAR TREK would be another one.  I was expecting a good movie, and got one.

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LOST 6×12 “Everybody Loves Hugo”

April 14, 2010

I have said before that Hurley is the heart of LOST, but that was not so apparent in what will be the final Hurley-centric episode.  More after the break . . .

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Ong-bak The Thai Warrior [2003] review

April 10, 2010

It had been a long time coming, but FINALLY I watched ONG-BAK (The Thai Warrior).  This movie has been in my mental movie queue for at least five years.  It has waxed and waned in legend in my awareness.  Mostly I remember whispers about it, and thankfully my memory never completely lost thought of it because tonight I was treated to a movie of pure action by a real master of Muay Thai (a kind of martial art), Tony Jaa.

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LOST 6×11 “Happily Ever After”

April 6, 2010

If Hurley is the soul of LOST, then the Desmond and Penny relationship is the heart.  Desmond has and remains my favorite character on LOST, and the only character I really care about in a personal way.  More after the break, including spoilers . . . .

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FANTASTIC MR FOX [2009] review

April 2, 2010

FANTASTIC MR. FOX is one of those movies that just goes leaving me thinking, “oh wait, this is just it?  Ok.”  In this case it was not a bad thing at all.  The movie did not announce itself as a movie, just a quick, take no breaks following of Mr. Fox.

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