LOST 6×12 “Everybody Loves Hugo”

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I have said before that Hurley is the heart of LOST, but that was not so apparent in what will be the final Hurley-centric episode.  More after the break . . .


This is what the problem is with LOST season 6 . . . many of our original characters are still getting screen time, but they are either totally not themselves or just shells/zombies of themselves.  The body of Locke is the smoke monster now, Sayid is who knows what, just a zombie, Desmond also on the island just a go with the flow zombie, Jack is no longer a leader, same goes for Ben, and Sawyer, Sun, Kate, Frank and Miles just along for the ride and have no impact on what is to be done on the island.

I really wanted to see the heart of the show, Hurley, on full display in this episode.  What we got instead was Hurley being a leader, which was quite cool to see, but again, that is not the Hurley we have come to know in the past six years.


  • Michael’s apology
  • Seeing Libby again, especially on the beach
  • plenty of “dudes” spoken, but none that funny actually
  • Aliya (sp?) getting smoked (should have done more explosives training!)
  • The restaurant scene when Libby first tells Hurley she knows him


  • Miles not siding with Hurley
  • Desmond just running down alt-reality Locke?  Why?
  • Hurley’s mom being on his case
  • Richard still looking like a chicken with its head cut off
  • Sawyer still just asking impatient questions to MIB/Flocke for what like the 3rd ep in a row?
  • Pushing Desmond into the well, at least kill him definitively!
  • Sun not immediately asking where Jin is.

I thought I kind of liked this episode, so I am surprised to see myself mostly writing only negative things about it.  I guess I am getting more and more impatient.  I have no more patient for cryptic non-answers.  Hurley just tell Jack the whole damn plan Michael told you!!

I once again was thinking that MIB/Flocke might be the good guy, until he pushed Desmond down the well.

Seems like the end of the show is shaping up to be Frank flying all the main characters off the island in that busted up plane with MIB/Flocke on board.  They land in LAX and all is as it should be and they have their memories intact of their time on the island.

I guess there was just nothing overly creative in the Hurley flashback, all totally predictable stuff.  The one surprise this ep was Michael popping up, but without knowing what he told Hurley and why, seems like just a stunt to make us go, “wow, Michael.”

We did finally learn what the “whispers” were, people who cannot move on.  If the cork comes off the island do the whisper-people get to move on?

Seems MIB/Flocke was riled up to see Jack, does not seem like he has good plans in store for Jack at all.

For the first time I think this season I have no idea what the next episode is about (i.e. which character will be the focus) and I want it to stay that way so do not tell me!


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  1. on April 14th, 2010 6:25 AM

    Will post here before reading other comments just because uhh, this ep made me say ‘WTF??’ a few times.

    First of all, Alanna blowing herself up out of nowhere. What a useless way to go, but I’m totally not complaining. Basically she was just getting in the way of the show and needed to be written out, but whoa. I’ll admit it took me by surprise. Crazy how she was stuffing huge water bottles on top of the dynamite. What a retard.

    Then Desmond getting thrown down the well by Flocke. Uhh, what was the point then of taking him on a long walk and chatting him up? Guess Flocke wanted someway to keep his body from getting discovered, but why not cut his throat first? Nobody believes Desmond is dead of course.

    Story still moving by increments. Only thing that happened is that Hurley and the gang went to meet Flocke. Is this series really going to wrap in in only 4 more eps? DO SOMETHING!!

    Some good things to this ep.
    – I like the new laid back ‘following’ Jack, good that he finally seems to know his role.
    – Hurley’s back story is great mainly because of Hurley himself. Such an easy character to like and a great actor.
    – Good to see sweet Libby again, but not so good to see Michael. Only a few old characters that haven’t put in an appearance yet, namely Mr. Eko, Anna Lucia and Shannon. Have we seen Walt yet? Can’t remember.
    -Hurley’s greeting to Flocke: “Ummm, hey.” delivered in a classic Hurley way.
    -The look of fear in Jack’s eye when he sees Flocke.

    Things not to like:
    -Richard, Ben and Miles taking off on their own. Is the island done with these three I wonder? None of them are candidates.
    -Sawyer and his incessant attitude. Dude, you’re annoyed I know, you want to do something, I know, but please, just shut up for a while! Guess Flocke needs him to get off the island or he would’ve killed him long ago.
    -Nobody giving a crap about Alanna dying. Only Ben even mentioned her, and with mostly scorn at that.
    -Sayid having turned into the Terminator or something.
    -Desmond acting all clueless with Flocke. Uhh, is this part of your master plan Desmond?
    -Desmond running down Locke in the parking lot.
    -Jin and Sun STILL NOT REUNITED!! Just get them back together again!! Who cares that they’re separated???

    Even with a few surprise WTF moments, this ep. still doesn’t rate anything more than a 3 in my book.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    We still have 5 more eps to go and 6 hours total of LOST remaining (2-hour finale).

    Mr. Eko and Anna Lucia too minor to make a comeback I think. Shannon, maybe, but also pretty minor, just had a totally unrealistic romance with Sayid then got whacked.

    Ha, goo analogy with Sayid being like a Terminator. Minimal speaking, deliberate, stiff walking, and efficient killing.


  2. on April 14th, 2010 8:35 AM

    3 stars. Seconded on all of the above. It`s hard not to feel impatient, especially when all everyone is doing is just sort of sitting around.

    Sawyer complaining is just too annoying. Just shows how powerless he is. Also, if Hurley is still broken up about Libby over 3 years after she died, why can`t Sawyer be upset about Juliette a bit more? In fact, why did the writers even bring Sawyer into the Locke camp so early, when all they`ve had him do is sit around and mope? Kate could have done everything he did- like go over and do recon. Let Sawyer wallow in grief until you really need him.

    Ridiculous that she is dead. What a ridiculous way to die, when there are two dudes RIGHT THERE who could juggle with the bloody dynamite if they wanted to and they still wouldn`t die. Just a massive waste. Stupid and cheap.

    Complaining, really? Put a sock in it.

    I like him off-island, until he drives down Locke. Just how much does this Desmond know? Seemingly, everything, both on and off-island. Again is annoying, because if he knows, why hold it back?

    Why not tell Jack you`re talking to Michael? Just tell him. Hurley used to be the guy who felt out of the loop, and wanted more transparency. Now he`s the one with-holding. Will he tell the others what the whispers are? Probably not, at this rate.

    Agreed with Mike, I like his chilled out attitude. Remarkably like Desmond. He`s just going with the flow, finally. If only most of the other characters (uh, fugitive Kate, whiny Sawyer) would do that, they`d all be more appealing.

    Black Rock-
    Back to the Black Rock, again? Hard to care. Definitely a played out location now. Am glad it`s gone.

    Despite what I`d heard about this episode (bigging it up), I kind of thought it would not be so great. Hurley episodes are usually light relief. This one wasn`t light, but wasn`t anything definitive.

    I think from next episode on, we must be in the home stretch. Surely now it`s pedal to the metal until the end.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Yeah, Richard should have said I’ll carry the dynamite since I already tried once to kill myself with it and it wouldn’t work. Silly. Who plops down a bag filled with anything like she did, never mind 200 year old TNT??

    Black Rock definitely got played out.

    Let’s damn hope the show has reached the home stretch by next ep.


  3. on April 14th, 2010 10:00 AM

    This episode just struck me as cliched. Not one time was I really surprised, except when Michael first appeared.

    Random thoughts:

    No one mentioned the best line:
    Desmond to Hurley – “Go with your gut!”

    Desmond into the well was cheesy but easy to see coming. The question is why. Clearly Locke could have killed him in any other way so he threw Desmond in for a reason. Either this is his version of the hidden room on the sub (only candidates/Desmond can go in) or he wants the power that Widmore does? I was really hoping for a little more subtlety or a chance that the evil vs. not evil debate could go on.

    Desmond running down Locke–I saw it coming for a split second before Ben knocked on the window and then talked myself out of it… and then it happened. Turnabout is fair play! Off island Desmond is acting like Jacob.

    Libby and Hurley’s kiss unlocking Hurley’s memory of the island–cliched, even if it was awesome for Hurley. Would have been better storytelling had they not given us the grave scene first–if they had just cut straight to the date and Libby showed up it would have been more powerful.

    Alynna gets the show’s shortest ever flashback–then gets blown up 2 episodes later. Did she get caught drunk driving in Hawaii or something and have to leave?

    The whispers being ghosts who can’t leave the island– not so great for the “Island is not purgatory” promise. Didn’t someone promise that?

    Last thoughts
    – Michael didn’t ask about Walt
    – Hurley must remember that Libby dies
    – Sideways Locke is gonna meet sideways Jack after all
    – In fact, sideways Charlie, Jin, Sun, Locke, Jack, Claire, and Sayid (and maybe Miles, Sawyer, and Kate?) all have a reason to be at the hospital… as does sideways Juliet??


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Great call with Desmond’s line of “go with your gut,” I did not realize it at the time, but in retrospect it’s a classic!

    Everything so damn predictable is true. No Libby grave scene, a bit more surprise seeing her in the restaurant. The only reason Michael was a surprise is because he appeared before the opening credits and didn’t see his name.

    Yes, I remember someone saying it is not purgatory also. Pretty lame explanation for the awesome whispers throughout the show.


  4. Pete Campbell
    on April 15th, 2010 1:45 PM

    I completely agree, I think was a really poorly written episode. Although was nice to be given answers that connect the dots, they were handed out as if they didn’t mean nothing at all.

    If that’s all the whispers are, why didn’t they just explain them far earlier? It was pointless anticipation.
    I think major problem with this season is that instead of writing, concrete, fundamental reasons in why each character should ‘care’ that they are candidates, a lot of them are just wandering around and doing what they’re told based on pure blind faith.

    Why can’t the monster leave the island? Oh that’s right ‘because he can’t’
    Why is Hurley going to see the monster? ‘because he’s meant too’

    The only real answer this show has ever given, it that things are a certain way, just because they are.

    It’s just poor writing, I don’t go and work for a living ‘because i meant to’ – it’s because I’m a human being with desires and emotions, and these characters use to be too.

    Disappointing, I really love this show but I am truly beginning to lose faith in it.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Pete that’s a good point, there is not stress or explanation on the significance or importance of being a candidate, and what it means for the person that is a candidate.

    The writers will have to pull off a major recovery job to give LOST any kind of remotely satisfying conclusion I think.

    I still stand by the point that at the end of season 4, as soon as any character got off the island, the show was over to me, the main drive of the series up until that point, had been satisfied, they got off the island. None of the characters other than Locke cared at all about the island, they just wanted to get off it, so turning the show into being all about the mystery of the island when characters have already gotten off and returned, lessoned me caring about the mystery part and just blurred the point of what the show was for the characters.


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