LOST 6×14 “The Candidate”

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It has begun.  At long last the final season of LOST is in full gear.  This episode will receive a 5-star rating from me, only the third episode of LOST ever that I have rated the maximum.  Watch this episode in your most sacred environment.


I got roughed up watching this episode.


The most powerful scene in LOST to date, the horrible scene of Jin and Sun, alone, sinking to the bottom of the sea.

God damn you Jack, just grab Sawyer because you know you cannot stop him with words!


  • FINALLY . . . THIS is what I wanted to happen in LOST’s final season
  • Great acting by Matthew Fox and Terry O’Quinn
  • “push the button”
  • “Who has the gun now dough boy?”
  • Flocke/MIB outthinking all of them
  • Jack figuring it out at the last second
  • Jack knowing he cannot die just standing up shooting at people in the open
  • Sayid able to come back enough from zombie state to make a sacrifice
  • Jack mentioning the “rules”
  • outstanding directing by LOST’s best director Jack Bender
  • Sun and Jin dying together, still roughed up about that
  • “I’m going to finish the job.”


  • maybe didn’t like seeing Jin & Sun’s hands drifting apart, just let the final shot be the sinking sub, maybe
  • nothing else, this is a 5-star episode, therefore cannot really dislike anything

Now it is really on.  Flocke/MIB’s plan is revealed.  I think we can finally put to rest just who the good guy is and who the bad guy is.  Flocke/MIB is the bad guy.  Widmore was just trying to protect them.

I guess here is a complaint, why in the world was Widmore’s FIRST priority not setting up the damn sonic fence?  Screw the generator and Desmond experiment, get the fence up FIRST!!

Great final moment for Sayid.  He delivered his last line to Jack so well telling him where Desmond was and that if Flocke/MIB wanted him dead Jack would need him, because Jack is going to be the one.  Jack always wants to fix everything, so he is the perfect candidate to inherit Jacob’s powers and get to fixing.

Powerful final scene with Jack and Locke in the flash-sideways.  Great logic used by Jack and great moment telling Locke, “I was hoping you’d be the one to go first.”  I shared Locke’s smile.

There seems to be no doubt we are on the final ride to the end now.  In addition to my sadness about losing Jin and Sun, my sadness comes from the end of my TV fandom in general, a topic I have mentioned before.  In just 2.5 weeks (the finale is on a Sunday!) it will all be over.  The final LOST thump will be the last note of the golden era of high production value, genre serialized drama on TV, which began in 1993 with The X-Files.

I give this episode of LOST 5-stars, which I very rarely do.  The only episodes that receive such a rating have to be transcendent.  “Live Together, Die ALone” and “The Constant” are the other two episodes of LOST I gave 5-stars to.  The first season I do not remember thinking of in terms of rating so much.

I look forward to reading everyone’s reactions to this powerful episode.  I will now place my 5-star vote, better than we deserve.

UPDATE:  the finale will be 2.5 hours long!


8 Responses to “LOST 6×14 “The Candidate””

  1. on May 5th, 2010 9:38 AM

    I’ll have to agree that things are really moving now. In this episode we finally came to understand just what it is the MIB/Locke wants. We can infer from that all the rules of the game, what’s at stake, and perhaps even how it can be won (by either side).


    – Candidates can’t kill themselves. They can however BE killed (a la the Kwons and Saieed). At least- they can kill each other (in this case Saieed and the Kwons killed by Sawyer’s action). It’s not clear yet if they can be killed by someone who is not a Candidate. A case in point is Michael. He couldn’t kill himself, but was killed by a non-candidate- Keamy. Does that extend to the others too?

    – How do these rules extend to others, like Widmore and Ben (who can’t kill each other) and Richard (who can’t kill himself)? Perhaps as ancillary pieces in the game they follow a special set of rules. Like the Rook moves this way, the Bishop this way, etc… They are not endgame pieces, but they have importance.


    – For MIB, it is to get the Candidates to kill each other. This will prove that mankind is warlike, immoral, and ultimately self-destructive. This can stand in for a wider position- that of a Doomsday nuclear scenario. We have the power to destroy all life on Earth. Is that battle playing out on the island in microcosm?

    – For Jacob, it is more surely than just finding his replacement. He said on the beach- ‘it only ends once’. His gambit, of him dying to get his ‘pieces’ in position, must be for an endgame. In that endgame, MIB must be defeated. How to defeat him is a different matter, but no doubt one that involves Desmond, and pockets of Electromagnetism. Either to more deeply imprison, or ultimately destroy, MIB.


    – So the flash-sideways are what we are left with after Jack accomplishes this vanquishment. The island test-bed/microcosm is gone, no longer needed. MIB is gone, and far more is right in the world than is wrong. Anthony Cooper and Locke loved each other. Hurley has his luck. Kate perhaps is actually innocent. Sawyer has more than just his revenge. Jack has been able to move on from his divorce. Some of the evil (of course there are still idiots like Keamy around) is gone.

    I scored this episode four stars. For me personally, the deaths of Jin and Sun were a little empty. It’s nice for Jin to go down with Sun, but doesn’t he remember he has a daughter now? I thought that would be Sun’s trump card to get him to go.

    It doesn’t stand out like Charlie’s death did for me- when he died to save Desmond, and in his dying moments gave a dire warning. That was heroic. This was tragic for Sun, romantic but irresponsible for Jin.

    My favorite bits are increasingly in the flash-sideways. Jack’s conversation with Claire was great, love to hear that piece of music again. Jack and Locke was fantastic. Jack’s desire to fix things is not as obsessive as it once was. Perhaps this is a healthy level. Wanting to fix things in itself is not a bad trait. It’s a good one. It seems though that Locke’s need to punish himself is greater. Understandable, considering what happened. Poor guy, in both situations.

    Am glad to finally know who is good and who is bad, and have a clearer idea of what’s going to happen. Can’t wait to see Jack and Locke go head to head for real now. Can’t wait to see Jack and Sawyer for once fully on the same team!

    Final images- Locke in the flash-sideways allows Jack to heal him, gets out of his wheel-chair, and walks.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I at first wondered why Sun didn’t say think of Ji-yeon, but then I thought there is NO WAY Jin could ever live any kind of life with his final vision of Sun being her sinking away drowning. He could not be any kind of father to Ji-yeon like that. I know I would not be able to. I would be eaten alive. It is better for Ji-yeon to be raised by her extended family. There is no way Jin could leave Sun again, and the thought of her dying alone, lonely, in that manner? No way. Jin would not let her die like that.

    Remember Charlie died for no reason, he did not need to lock himself into that room, it was a gimmick to a degree.

    Plus, there was only one oxygen bottle left, maybe not enough for Jack, Sawyer and Jin to make it, and Jin said you guys go without him because he did not want to go anyway.

    I am still roughed up by Jin and Sun sinking to the bottom of the sea.

    And Sayid making a sacrifice. And what of Leopedis? Since he was all the way in the front engine room and the only escape was out the back of the sub, I cannot see how he would have made it.

    This is the final scene for LOST I envision:

    Jack, standing on the beach with Jacob’s powers/responsibilities, watches a plane slowly sink in the sky and crash on the island. Final line of the series uttered by Jack in that moment, “I can fix that.”


  2. on May 5th, 2010 6:35 PM

    I thought more about Jin’s situation after writing that comment, and have come round to your way of thinking. It’s probably best for him to die alongside her, and leave his daughter to be raised by others. He’d be a haunted and broken man if he returned to parent her.

    Saying Charlie died for nothing will of course get a debate out of me. He died (in the specific instance) saving Desmond, and (in the general instance- as in, why he was down there at all) allowing everyone on the island to escape. I don’t think it was a gimmick. If he hadn’t slammed the door closed, the whole structure would have flooded in seconds and they would both have surely died.

    Which action was more heroic? Tough question. Neither wanted to die, but both agreed to with the intention of alleviating the suffering of others. Jin’s death has some overtones of suicide (and giving up) though, since he wouldn’t want to live on without Sun. Charlie however had everything to live for, but still made the decision to self-sacrifice. To me, that puts Charlie’s death at a higher, more selfless, level than Jin’s, and so- more heroic.

    Considering the oxygen bottle situation though- Jin insisted Jack take it. Has he then saved Jack and Sawyer’s life too? That would elevate his sacrifice a step higher, even if it was only a by-product of his decision to die anyway.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I don’t think in terms of whose death was more heroic, etc. Just reacting emotionally to Jin and Sun’s super tragic situation.


  3. on May 6th, 2010 9:41 AM

    Yeah things are really moving now. A very good ep. overall, but somehow just not quite in the 5 star range.

    Finally, FINALLY flocke does some bad-ass stuff instead of just seethe and whine in seeming impotence, and finally we learn once and for all that he is NOT the good guy to Widmore’s bad guy. Slightly disappointed about that actually as I’ve never liked Widmore as a character. Whole different story as an actor of course, but he’s never been made out to be even slightly likable or ‘good’ in any of the previous seasons…

    Jack really stepped up suddenly, and while I really like the new Jack (acting like the previously likable Locke in earlier seasons) it’s still a bit too sudden for me. I feel they should’ve built up Jack’s new wisdom and understanding in a more gradual way. Still, can’t complain too much as now all of a sudden, JACK is the most interesting and likable character on the show for me (except for the incorruptible Hurley), replacing my previous favs of Locke (just can’t like this Flocke character at all really), Sayid (now dead) and Sawyer, who has failed in every respect possible this entire season.

    Sawyer is done I feel, past redemption really. He lost the woman he loves and has since been out-conned, the thing he does best, at every single turn this season. When he wasn’t trying to take charge he was whining and complaining. A waste of a good character really, but I guess the writers want to make Jack’s path to the top very clear and obstacle free. Sawyer was really the only other character with the leadership skills to compete with Jack. How will Sawyer live with himself knowing that he’s responsible for Sun and Jin’s death, not to mention Sayid and Frank. I’ve got the feeling Sawyer is not going to make it to the end of the series.

    Good death for Sayid, and glad he redeemed himself by turning back to the light, and giving Jack Desmond’s whereabouts. Total foreshadowing in Sayid’s comment saying to Jack ‘it’s going to be you Jack’, although we’ve known all along that Jack is THE main character of LOST, so no big surprise.

    I’m with UK a bit on Jin and Sun. Not that their death wasn’t moving, but it seemed unnecessary somehow, like the writers just wanted an excuse to write them out of the show. More foreshadowing I feel, if Jin and Sun can be so quickly and suddenly taken out, I’m wondering if everyone except Jack will die before the end? If Jack is to be the new Jacob, he’s probably not going to get helpers. And it seems very unlikely that the others will escape now that the sub is gone and no Frank to fly the plane (plus there is no way I’m going to believe that plane would ever fly again anyway).
    I agree with Jason in that there is NO WAY Jin would ever be able to look at himself again if he swam away and left his wife to drown, who he just found again after (relative) years of seperation. At least I would never be able to look at myself again. I would totally have done what Jin did.
    Still, for me Charlie’s death seemed somehow more meaningful, more emotional, not really sure why. Maybe because Jin and Sun’s death seemed so hasty, and served no purpose to whatever the final end will be. There was no sacrifice for them, they just died.

    It’s a small point, but the small things bother me. I was annoyed that none of the survivors shed a single tear or even mentioned Frank, who was so steadfast. Hurley wanted to save Sayid, and cried over Jin and Sun, Kate asked only about Jin and Sun, but nothing, and no good death scene for Frank. Guess he was just too much a minor character after all.

    Like you guys I was awed by the side story, though a bit action-less and dull, the acting and emotion were top notch. The scenes with Jack and Locke were pure gold.

    At the end of the show Kate seemed to be totally healed and fine from being shot, and almost catatonic in the sub. I guess a swim up from the depths of the ocean will do wonders for that kind of thing. For a brief second after she got shot I thought Kate was dead. Still wondering if she’ll survive to the end though, but since she’s pretty much got second billing on the show, and is the main female lead, maybe she will. As usual she did nothing at all in this ep. I cant even remember the last time Kate was useful.

    Was very glad to see ‘doughboy’ kick it. He and mannish chick with glasses are almost unbearably annoying to me. One down one to go.

    Really liked Bernard’s little cameo in this ep.!! The way he said ‘of course Jack’ was awesome.

    Ben, Richard and Miles???? They’re out there somewhere forgotten, but I suppose they’ll have their moment soon, maybe next ep?

    Would give the ep. 4 and a half stars if I could, but since I cant will give it a 4. Just can’t see my way to giving it that elusive 5.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Damon and Carlton explained why they killed off Sun, Jin and Sayid here:


    Basically to show how bad Flocke/MIB is and his “malevolence. They did not mention anything about Frank Lapedious being dead. If he his, the everyone on the beach did not have screen time enough to ask about Frank, and I think once you hear the news that people so close to you just died, it does not occur to you to think of asking about someone you hardly know, especially since Jack and Hurley were not around Frank as much as Sun was.

    Can’t just have red shirts dying, that will never get us angry at Flocke/MIB.

    Can’t believe all you guys having more feeling over loser Charlie dying! I felt nothing when he went.

    The mannish chick with glasses I think is very cleverly referred to by some as “dirty Tina Fey.”

    Jack could be the last one left standing, but maybe with Hurley as his Richard Alpert/advisor.

    Ah, and I think they did give enough time showing Jack’s coming around. I think it started with the season 4 finale with him saying to Kate at the airport’s edge at night that we’ve got to go back to the island. He became a believer in the island then. Richard showing that they cannot be killed further solidified that. Seeing himself in the mirror at the lighthouse as well.

    I have a feeling I may be giving 5-star ratings to all 3 remaining episodes.


  4. Steve-O
    on May 9th, 2010 10:55 AM

    I thought 4.5 starts, but gave 5. I agree that Jack’s transformation has been slow enough – too slow for me, as I relate most to his character. These last few episodes should be great.

    As for Jin and Sun, I breathed a sigh of relief when Sun was finally killed. I haven’t liked her character from the start. There have just been glimpses of likeableness. I think that stems from my inherent, “don’t just sit there and cry, yell out helplessly and whine – DO something!” Much doing will come to pass in the next episodes.

    I liked Lapidus. Hope he pops up later.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Yes, it’s true Sun is a bad person and pounded someone else and did other things. Somehow though, she makes it easy for me to forget those things and forgive her. Jin is a solid character and has been unflappable with his honor on the island. So got roughed up when he had to see Sun get pinned like that and had to accept her and his fate. Did it with honor.


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