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I am disappointed.  If this ep had aired in the 4th season, it would have had some impact.  Now, I actually found myself getting a bit bored with the app halfway through it.


This episode was nothing to me.  A waste of time.  This should have been like episode 6×14.5.  Something they aired in between real eps of LOST’s sixth season.  This is like the magical creatures companion book in the Harry Potter series, a nice bit of background, but not doing anything for the ongoing storyline.  I guess I do not like to be spoon fed answers, if there were really any answers there at all.  And, this episode was totally predictable.  Damon and Carlton have really lost their writing touch.  Their episodes are no longer landmarks in the series, and have not been for awhile.


  • the special effects for the light cave and creek area, made me think of Degoba
  • seeing nice Hawaiian beach on HDTV
  • what made the MIB into the smoke monster
  • umm, that’s about it


  • utterly predictable, ah shock, she kills the mother, ah shock the other baby is wrapped in a black blanket, ah shock MIB kills their fake mother, etc., etc.
  • Answers given were not really answers, just like the fake mother said, questions answered just lead to more questions (i.e. how did she make it so they cannot kill each other?)
  • introducing another episode long character out of the blue that just gets killed at the end, it has no impact because we have no connection to her, hence waste of episode
  • how did fake mother torch a whole village?  what was Jacob doing while she did that??
  • gimmick writing by mirroring lines other characters have already said (It was always you, etc)
  • no rousing score at all this ep

Big whoop, we learn MIB has wanted to go “home” for a really long time.  Why?  Because he is not from the island originally.  We learn who “Adam & Eve” are.  That was extremely low on my list of answers I wanted, and definitely not worthy of being a big reveal for the end of an ep.

What is the fake mother using to set up all these rules?  Is it magic?  She was muttering something over the drink she gave Jacob to make him like her.  What was that ability?  Tell us that!

The light in the cave is the heart of the island, a part of that light is in every man but men want more.  Why is something so important guarded by just one woman?  Why is there not an army?

Basically the only remotely interesting thing was we learned MIB got turned from somewhat corporeal human into smoke monster because he was tossed down some magical creek that is the heart of the island.  Alright, thanks for telling us that.  I would rather of known how MIB found a loophole to take on physical form again, etc.

The donkey wheel, a reveal?  Not really, we just saw it lying there, who knows who actually installed it.

I don’t know, maybe I am just being too hard on this episode.  I will be, as always, curious to hear what you guys think.  All along I have been thinking to rate this ep only two stars, but….three?  By definition have to give it a three, though emotionally I feel it was a two.  During the middle part of the ep my mind was drifting, I was that disengaged from the story being told.  I just did not care.


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  1. on May 12th, 2010 4:55 AM

    Well, we learned that Jacob (who, like his FMom, is just a touch on the nutty side) can now see his DEAD brother, when before only his brother saw the dead. I guess that comes with being a candidate — or, special or, whatever the writers want to call it this week — as apparently his brother once was.

    We also know that at some point Jacob decided to travel off the island, much like ‘Brother’ was never allowed, to find him some more candidates. Maybe because Jacob is indeed not ‘the one’ that his bro should have been. This part seems a bit vague, however, since “They always come. They fight, they corrupt, balbbity, blab, blab, blab.” But, we’ll let it fly.

    We also are reminded that we don’t (PLEAAASE!) have to be reminded by cheesy, vaseline-coated flashbacks that “Oh, yeah, I remember THAT Adam and Eve couple NOW. THAT’S the answer I’ve been wondering for 6 years.” What?! Did the writers really felt we needed that tripe. (Next episode: The Numbers. Episode after that: Hieroglyphics. After that: Statue and buildings. Oh, wait, we’re out of time eps.)

    And, finally, even though I will truly and sadly miss, and would love to prolong the ending of, this show until ALL answers are answered — HEY, ABC, COULD YOU HAVE JAMMED A FEW MORE COMMERCIALS INTO AN EPISODE? Crips!

    At least the answer to the mystery to the 30 minute extension to the finale has been answered. It will be chock-full of commercial breaks.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Yes, the Adam and Eve allusion had one too many flashbacks to it, be subtle, and let it resonate in our minds.

    I risk having my DVR record the LOST episode because I could NEVER watch it live with commercials. For the first 4 seasons I downloaded the show to watch it as I lived abroad and, especially the last year, was able to download the 720p version with commercials edited out and that was by far the best viewing experience. Watching the “HD” broadcast now on my 1080p Sony Bravia, I feel the image quality is not nearly as good as the 720p download on my old 720p Sharp AQUOS was.

    I would still watch the download, but am afraid of getting spoiled and being behind by a day.

    But the number of commercials is preposterous, and they are jackass commercials.

    Last week, right after Jin and Sun died tragically, I was slow on the draw to grab the remote and first mute the damn commercial, then begin fastforwarding, so while in that emotional state I was suddenly blasted with some jackass getting his arm comically bit off by a shark. Even just seeing those ill images rush in front of my eyes as I fastforward past them greatly lessons my viewing experience. Then there was the debacle earlier in the season with a V promo being on screen the whole damn time!

    As I said after that, I WILL NEVER WATCH ABC again after LOST finishes.


  2. on May 12th, 2010 5:45 AM

    At about the 10 minute mark I realized that this ep. would be all back story, and the main thing I felt was disappointment. I mean, after the totally adrenaline filled ep of last week i was soooo looking forward to seeing what would happen next, but we got nothing except Jacob and MIB’s back story.
    Right from the very first SECOND that that pregnant woman washed up on the beach I KNEW that it was Jacob’s mother. I probably could’ve written the whole sequence of events down before seeing anything else, that was how predictable it was. Of course real mother gets killed, of course Jacob was born first, of course they start out as friends then fight, become enemies, of course MIB kills mom, etc, etc.

    Totally agree with Jason in that this ep would’ve made a good filler ep early on this season, but as the second last ep (before the 2.5 hour finale) in the history of LOST? COME ON!! No major answers here, at least none that we really care about. The ep seemed thrown together at the last minute. So MIB gets turned into smoke because he was thrown in the light tunnel? Why? Just adds another question instead of answering one.

    Ok the story was mildly entertaining, but only just. A whole ep. devoted to three characters, one whom we’ve never even seen before. Jacob spent most of the ep. seemingly like a know nothing boy, and it seemed to me that this was more of a MIB centric ep. designed to make us feel something for him. Pity? Empathy? It almost seemed that they were trying to once again confuse us as to who the good and bad guys are. If Jacob’s allegiance was to a woman that murdered his true mother right after he was born, which I found sickening, as well as killed the other members from the ship, then is Jacob truly ‘good’ and MIB truly ‘bad’? They once again blurred the line so that it seems that nobody is truly good or bad. What the f***?

    Good point Mushi in that Jacob seemed to be able to leave the island for his recruiting. Why not MIB? I suppose it’s because Jacob would come back? Still, another small unanswered (and annoying) point.

    So anyway, we’ve got about 2 hours (minus 30 mins for commercials) to wrap up the entire story. Seems almost impossible to me as there are too many loose ends. However instead of trying to answer all of them, which would make the show too way too busy and fast paced, and would ruin it, I hope instead that they focus more on the filling out the main storyline, focus on the main characters, and giving us a decent, respectable, ending, perhaps with a twist to give us something to think about.

    I’m tempted to hit 2 stars for this one, but will give it three as I was still entertained enough I suppose, mostly by MIB whom I like.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Yeah, LOST is getting very predictable in its old age. Remember how shocking 1×04 WALKABOUT was when it was revealed Locke was in a wheelchair the whole time? That was awesome. Now we can see things coming from a mile away.

    Yeah, just going down a checklist of things they need to answer would make for a poor series finale. They really need to play on the emotional connections we have invested in with the long established characters.


  3. on May 12th, 2010 10:14 AM

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. 5 stars. I`m very surprised to see in the votes that some 15 people (so far) have ranked it only 2 or 3 stars. This back-story is one we`ve been waiting for since the very beginning, since the pilot episode when the black smoke killed matt tubman, since adam and eve in the caves, since locke playing backgammon with Walt.

    What is the black smoke? What is the island? Why are our people there?

    These questions have only deepened as the seasons progressed. We learnt of Jacob, and the destinies of our characters, and `what the island wants` for them. We learnt about ash lines, Jacob`s cabin, and a creature that has waited for a damn long time to kill Jacob.

    This episode addressed all of these questions head on. Granted it didn`t answer them all fully, often spawning only more questions, but it got just about as clear as it could without getting into `midiclorian` territory.

    What really grabbed me in this episode though was the anguish of the two brothers. How can that kind of pain not grab you, especially when we now know that it`s been present throughout the entire show, as the backdrop to everything that happened.

    MIB is essentially like Locke. A poor, abused, unlucky bastard for whom everything goes wrong. He tries his damnedest to improve his lot- he gets away from the woman who murdered his mother, tries to save his brother from her, and is betrayed. He is betrayed by Jacob at every turn.

    And Jacob is not so pure. He is filled with jealousy for MIB. That is so fascinating to see. It makes us rethink everything he`s done so far. We also have to rethink everything about MIB. The poor bastard just wants to escape. Jacob murdered him, and even after that stands somehow in his way.

    That is some serious anguish, for both of them. When MIB asks the woman he has just murdered- `why didn`t you let me leave`, my heart goes out to him. He was done wrong by her from the start.

    And Jacob, his beloved brother, sided against him at every pivotal moment. He beat him down numerous times, then killed him.

    Yeah, this episode gives us sympathy with MIB. It`s smart. There is no evil, it`s telling us. Nobody thinks they`re evil. MIB is a wounded animal driven mad with entrapment. He just wants to leave.

    Next episode we`ll be returning to our Losties. Of course I want them to prevail. We care too much about them to not feel that way. But now I feel for MIB too. I want him to get off the island. I want him to find his peace. I want someone to pay for all the anguish that`s been caused.

    Should it be Jacob who pays? Should it be Jacob`s mother? These are the questions this episode raises for me, and that I`ll be going into the finale thinking. Will anybody pay? Will anybody find peace? Will there be righteous justice and order restored?

    And of course there are the other questions, about motive and mythology. If Jacob is now the sworn protector of the island, why does he bring people to the island? It seems all the people do is dig into the ground and try to mess with the source. Bringing people seems like something the MIB would be more likely to do. Then he could tap the energy to escape.

    What is it that Jacob hopes to end by bringing them there? Is he truly still jealous of his brother, keeping him trapped out of spite? Or does he genuinely believe MIB is/has become pure evil? And even if he was pure evil, why should Jacob care? He has no one and nothing off the island, and his mother taught him to believe those other people are all evil anyway. What would it matter if MIB killed the whole world. It`s his brother, let him do what he has to do!

    And then onto the candidates. What does Jacob hope they`ll do? Is it really just to replace him, to keep his poor bastard brother enslaved further? That`s too cruel. To that end, what are the criteria for being a Candidate? Why is Kate crossed off, when Saieed wasn`t? It can`t be a measure of purity, because Saieed has killed plenty. What is it a measure of? Amenability to coercion?

    Phew. Heavy. So much going on, just on the island alone. When we try to factor in how the sideways flashes are involved, it starts to seem hideously complex. I can`t wait to see how it ends.

    Next week there`ll be 3.5 hours of LOST; a regular episode on Tuesday then the 2.5 hour finale on Sunday. I can`t wait.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    The pain and anguish of the brothers did not grab me because they just introduced these child actors right now after 6 years. And really, Jacob and MIB have had very little screen time at all in the series. Jacob only existed as some demi-god like entity, so hard to feel any emotion toward him in the little time we have seen him so far, and when we did see him, since we had no idea of his role/importance/purpose seeing him get killed earlier was no real big deal. If we knew then the consequences of him getting killed, then I could have been like, “damn, they are all boned now.” Instead it was just Illaya some new character who has no trust built up with us saying stuff, etc.

    I think this ep and the one before definitively shows us that there is evil in the LOST universe. Damon and Carlton said so themselves about 6×14, that they wanted to show MIB as being bad. The Fake Mother also painted basically all people has having something bad/evil in them, and that their quests to find that light cave would bring on a darkness for all people, even the (few?) good ones.

    The episode did not answer a thing about the issues you said it address full on. No mention of the smoke, of Jacob’s cabin. The major thing it did do is reveal the motivation for why MIB wants to leave the island and for why he despises Jacob, which is important, but don’t think a whole ep right at this point should have been devoted to that. How about combining this ep and the Richard ep to do that all?

    We don’t know the Fake Mother did wrong by MIB or Jacob yet. How do we not know she was right all along? Seems like the island was going along well up until that point. Maybe she was just trying to protect them as much as she could, hence making it so they cannot even kill each other. Locke was dead wrong about not pushing the button anymore. Jack seems to have been dead wrong about detonating the nuclear bomb.

    Kind of surprised you can rate this ep 5 stars when you asked like 50 questions in your comment, and how can just the two remaining nights of LOST possible answer them all or in a sufficiently satisfying way? Some of those questions should have been answered in this ep.


  4. on May 12th, 2010 11:09 AM

    This was a bit of a head-scratcher. I felt all the things that everyone who has commented felt. After last week’s episode when they wanted to truly show that the MIB is evil (btw, give him a bloody name–what, are we gonna be crushed when his name turns out to be Aaron or Walt?) by having him cause the death of at least 3 main characters, why make him sympathetic now?

    Seems to me that pre death MIB is similar to Desmond–stuck on island, exposed to light, just wants to leave.

    Just too exhausted after this episode to comment coherently. Weird.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I just think this episode of LOST was a classic momentum killer. After building no momentum at all for the WHOLE 6th season, 6×14 finally did, but that all came to a grinding halt with this allusion of an episode. LOST has done this repeatedly in its history, think of the ep titled something like “The other 28 Days” that killed a series premiere’s momentum, or the constant switching of on island off island eps, etc.

    The real rules/answers that should be revealed, like why MIB needs to kill the candidates to get off the island, how he found the loophole to be able to kill Jacob, how he was able to take on Locke’s body, why he even needed to in the first place, etc, I would have preferred getting those answers instead of taking a whole ep this late in the game to show the motivation of why MIB wants to leave and does not like Jacob, which should have been done a season ago.

    17 votes in the poll and only UK’s over three stars. My guess is no matter how interesting this ep may have been, it’s momentum killing-ness stops anyone from liking it. I may have loved this ep . . . last season.


  5. on May 12th, 2010 7:04 PM

    Still not another vote over 3 stars, I am surprised. I am surprised actually that I liked this episode this much, after not really much liking Ab Aeterno. What`s the difference between these two?

    Hmm. Ab Aeterno shows Richard lose his g/f and want her back. Was there much more to it than that? He was not horribly screwed over. In fact, people lose their partners all the time, to disease and what not. That is what happened to Richard. The pain of it didn`t grab me.

    But this episode, about two brothers who are each others only friends in the world, and how one betrayed the other? That`s emotional. That grabbed me. I immediately want to know- a la the back story to Darth Vader- how did they get to be this way? They were once so close, how was all that lost?

    For me that`s one of the deepest threads running through LOST. Who is the black smoke, and what does he want? That is the issue I said was addressed directly in this ep, perhaps the most important question so far, alongside- what are the powers of the island, and what does `it` want?

    Also of course Jacob, and what he wants.

    Other questions that are addressed (though not wholly answered) include how MIB became the black smoke. This process looks very similar to what happened to Saieed. Die, go into the holy water, come out forever changed. Granted Saieed didn`t become smoke- but he didn`t go straight to the heart of the power and get atomized.

    As to evil existing, sure it does. But not in black and white shades. I think that is one of the biggest points of LOST. Nobody thinks they are evil, unless they`re crazy. They think that what they`re doing is right. Perhaps the Fmom thinks what she`s doing is right, but can anybody support her stealing babies and killing the mother? Likes wise with MIB, he`s only killing people he thinks are in his way, after he`s been dumped on by others all his life.

    As to comparisons to The Other 48 days- I also very much liked that episode. I like these glances at the wider LOST world, seeing the story behind the story. Perhaps it`s the haikyo-explorer in me, but I want to know how things got to be the way they are. This episode showed that very well.

    As to it being in season 5, or several episodes earlier- that wouldn`t have worked in the structure Damon and Carlton have set up. Their mystery requires that we don`t know these key points right up until the last moment. I think it`s wise. Seeing HRG`s and Sylar`s backstories in Heroes instantly neutered them both. Now though we`re rushign to the climax. It`s the perfect time to show us all the cards.

    And still plenty of mysteries left.

    Am glad I liked this episode.


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