LOST 6×17 & 6×18 “The End” Parts 1 & 2

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We know The End.  Though at this current moment I cannot say I fully understand it.  The series finale of LOST was more a way for us to just say good-bye to all our favorite characters, one last time.


So that is it.  It was a competent series finale, which is actually praise, since many other shows’ finales were not good at all.  We got one last dose of secret island mystery, that great set with the water and the stone plug.  I just paused for like three minutes not knowing what else to write.  Seems like I should have just turned off my TV and walked out a door into bright white light myself.  I spend so much of my time revisiting my own, more important past memories.


  • Vincent coming to Jack’s side as he died, the emotional high point for me
  • Jack seeing the plane fly away through the trees
  • The unplugging of the light giving a plausible way of killing MIB
  • Hurley being the real heart of the island as strong as ever, his love for Jack was palpable
  • Ben finding his final, positive role in both realities
  • Six major religions represented in the stained glass window behind the coffin
  • “Bigfoot”
  • Jack jumping up in the air to attack vulnerable MIB
  • Richard getting his first gray hair
  • Ben being a good #2 and Hurley being a great #1


  • Lepidis’ impatience to leave
  • How did Ben get out from under a log they said they could not lift?
  • The storm came and went with blue sky between cuts
  • Michael not making it to the church
  • Desmond not really being that much of an ultimate weapon, just a dude that could pull a plug
  • Jack just lying there in the plug pool when he could have dragged himself out easily before getting blasted with the light
  • Kate’s one liner after shooting MIB/Flocke

I guess the gray haired lady (forget her name) who told Desmond to wait wanted everyone to have more time in their flash-sideways lives before he made them remember all the island stuff again?  Interesting her son’s name was not Faraday, but Widmore in the flash-sideways world.

Again I am at a loss.  So I guess when everyone died, they really died.  The flash-sideways world was the purgatory type place?  Hurley and Ben eventually died as well at some point too then.  Christian walked into the afterlife through the church doors into the white light?

The pacing of this episode was way, way off.  I wonder how watching the download with no commercials would help or hurt that?  For us watching it on TV, even with me tape delaying it on the DVR so I could fast forward through commercials, it often seemed like there was only 5 minutes of LOST at a time sandwiched by commercials and extra scenes of Jack and Lock looking over the waterfall ledge, etc.

Was the candy machine an allusion to the island?  Pull the candy machine plug out, the candy falls (MIB falls to his death), plug it back in, all is well?

Where did Frank and the others fly to?  What did they do?  Just have some life back in the real world?

I can see how this finale could be pretty divisive.  My own emotional state prior to watching LOST, despite my great efforts, was compromised, a huge, huge disappointment to me.  Up until this final season, I have always had the purist of LOST viewing environments.  It was extremely ritualistic to me.  I have not been able to maintain those same rituals, and I believe it definitely effected how I viewed the finale.

Then again, the finale was a bit Return of the King-ish, with lots and lots of reunions and good-byes.  I am ok with that, better than the show ending with malice.

I thought the end would be Jack on the island looking at a plane in some situation.

I am sure I will followup with some updates, but for now, this is all I have.  I will give the finale only 4-stars, and perhaps if there was a 3.5 star option I would choose that.

Farewell LOST.


13 Responses to “LOST 6×17 & 6×18 “The End” Parts 1 & 2”

  1. Neo
    on May 24th, 2010 1:07 AM

    This is pure BS. I understand people have their own opinions and such but I am truly disappointed with my fellow Lost fans out there who just ‘didn’t get it’ and had their theories shot to little pieces. This is an obvious case of that.

    The End truly sums up the show in a matter that will never be experienced on television ever.

    We don’t need EVERY question answered, where would be the fun in that. The ending was about the characters we’ve been with for 6 years, and without these characters, there would be no show to end.

    Bottom line, it was a brilliant ending to a brilliant show even though it might be confusing, but thats where all the fun lies in my opinion.


  2. Paul Wernke
    on May 24th, 2010 1:51 AM

    There are really only two endings you can’t use, in fiction/drama/media writing. 1) Its all a dream (Dallas) 2) They’re Dead (Sixth Sense.) These things were fine the first time they were used, but are too schticky to be used again. There is an entire infinte universe of possibilities for endings out there, pick one, but not one of these. If you do you are a lazy good for nothing hack, period. Your emotional attachment to the characters aside, (yes we all would love it for all dogs to go to heaven) this is a lazy cop out, and they promised in print years ago it wouldn’t end like this, or I wouldn’t have watched.


  3. on May 24th, 2010 5:56 AM

    I think they actually promised it wouldn’t be that they were all dead and in hell or the island wouldn’t be purgatory and they weren’t all dead and the island wasn’t purgatory. The end is suppose to be after all their lifetimes that they are dead and meeting at a crossroads before they move on. And the island didn’t end up being Hell. I don’t think they really answered what the island was or what the light actually was. Maybe in some sense they hinted on it, but nothing exactly I think. I think it was pretty good ending, I like how it ended the opposite it started. He closes his eyes and just before that Vincent sits by him on the opening Vincent doesn’t stay with him and Jack is opening his eye. I think that was cool. Although of course there is so much that could have been answered, but I think it was a proper goodbye to the show and the characters. I am disappointed in I think all of the characters should have been in the church or at least seen right before they go in the church.


  4. on May 24th, 2010 10:07 AM

    I think I won’t sully the last episode of Lost with any kind of summary, or talk about the things I liked and disliked. However I will say that I had a tear in my eye more than once…
    Farewell to perhaps (for me) the greatest TV show ever created.
    5 stars.


  5. on May 24th, 2010 10:39 AM

    I’m with Mike, it got a little dusty in the room a couple of times.

    I’ll still have to figure out what happened and what it meant to me at some other time, but for now the only thing that shocked me was that Jason did not even comment about Juliet at the concert.

    I’m content.

    P.S. – Shannon! Where have you been the last 4 seasons?


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Oh, I noticed that Juliet was the most stunning woman at the concert and wore a very flattering dress!

    Jei, how many stars did you rate the finale?


    Jei Reply:

    A night’s sleep later and in a total vacuum I would have given it 3 stars… but as payoff for 6 seasons of enjoyment there is not much I can ask so I gave it 5 stars.
    Maybe Walt, Michael and Eco and some of the other season 4-onward characters should have been in the church though…


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Right, I decided not to give it 5-stars just because it was the finale. Eco’s absence was conspicuous, but I was ok with it. MIB chose to kill him early on, so he was not really worthy of being in the church.

    The most preposterous thing on LOST is Sayid falling in love with Shannon, him an older bad-ass, very seasoned dude, with made skills, Shannon basically just a semi-attractive blonde with no redeeming qualities, basically could find thousands of her anywhere in the U.S. Add in Sayid is supposedly totally in love with Nadia, and it makes them as a couple perhaps the most preposterous in TV history. In no reality would I believe a girl like her could be attracted to someone like Sayid.

  6. on May 25th, 2010 1:12 AM

    […] feel like two best friends have gone away.  First it was LOST last night, and now 24.  It is a hard blow for me and a breaking off point in my life ending my […]

  7. Brady
    on May 25th, 2010 10:12 PM

    We watched it last night on DVR and skipped all the commercials, thank god!

    After a good think about it, I’m pretty happy with the final. I accept it as a way to say good-bye to all the characters and wrap up and insanely complicated and mysterious plot, AND tie together the flash sideways with the island stuff. That is quite the daunting task…especially since they probably didn’t know how they were going to do it as they made up a lot of the mysteries. So it was good in that sense.

    When I was watching the episode, I couldn’t help feeling that the action on the island just wasn’t the regular LOST quality as they built up to the final moments. It just seemed a bit forced and unnatural…the conversations, the lowering of Desmond and then Jack down the waterfall, and the simple ‘rock plug’ removal and then place back….. never was I on the edge on my seat. The whole Jack drinking the water and becoming like Jacob and then Hurley the same…but not really being any different, kinda bugged me. But I’m just being picky.

    I’m ok with how they wrapped it up and the flash sideways being a sort of purgatory, if that is what it was….but I can’t help thinking, what was the point of most of the drama on the island for anyways? Maybe a lot of it was just that…unnecessary drama.

    So I gave it a 3. I don’t think it could have gotten a 5. It was just such a tangled web the directors/producers spun, and I feel they also got LOST in LOST…


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Too true, I could not fathom watching the show with commercials in real time. Even fast forwarding through them on the DVR is a labor. I have to be real quick with the mute button also as I once again cannot fathom going from some emotional point in LOST to some jackass commercial barking some junk, environment killing product no one needs. It just takes you out of it all. Like I said, I would have been tempted to download the ep and watch it like that. Hell, if ABC made the ep available for purchase at the same time it aired, I’d of paid $20 to watch it commercial free in HD.

    That is a good point I hadn’t thought about, how the action on the island did seem un-LOST like and was never edge of the seat thrilling. I mean the whole time in that cave I just kept thinking I cannot believe Jack is putting his back to MIB!

    Right, I wanted to see Jack exhibiting some of those new Jacob powers, or at least some kind of visual cue. I was suspicious of how Jack could pass his power on to Hurley with the stone unplugged as he seemed to only be ordinary, as MIB was, at that time. Plus, he did no chant.

    From a plot and story perspective, the finale only did barely a competent job. As a farewell to the characters, it did a pretty good job.

    WIsh we would have found out why Widmore came back to the island. What did he want with it? Why risk so much to return?

    Again, the flash sideways having NO connection to the action on the island shows that the writers had not enough plot/story ideas to sustain a whole other season.


  8. on May 26th, 2010 12:21 AM

    A beautiful and haunting ending to an epic saga. I didn’t get around to watching it until last night, and all this morning I’ve been in a kind of fugue state. It feels like mourning. As the characters sat in the church waiting to ‘move on’, I found myself powerfully empathizing with them. I was ready to move on with them, to see what was next. I felt at home alongside them, overjoyed to see them all embracing, laughing, crying. I was so happy for them, and glad they could be together again.


    It makes you think. And ultimately it was very powerful. Everything was real, but nothing is forever. Even after death, there are things to be had. New worlds to know.

    That is one of the beauties of LOST. Each season they clicked back the focus on the story’s lens. First it was very tight, just these people on the beach. Then into the relics of Dharma, and saving the world. Then off to some other camp, then dipping into the future, then diving into the past with Dharma, and finally the ultimate click-back, beyond the boundaries of life itself and into the hereafter.

    I love that. I love it that they found a final broadening of scope, and I love it that they did it without anybody (to my knowledge, and certainly not me) guessing their true intent.

    This show said something. How many other shows do that? It synthesized so much of our shared culture, our shared understanding of life, into one multi-faceted story, and held up that synthesis up as a mirror for us to look into.

    I’m very pleased. The sadness is passing now, and I just feel glad. I feel they went the right way with it. I can’t imagine any other way it could have gone, and given us as much resolution and redemption as it did this way.

    My favorite parts-

    – Hurley seeing Charlie. He really loves that little guy.
    – Locke moving his toes, syncing with him moving his toes on the beach after the crash.
    – All of the church scene, especially the final shot of them sitting in the pews like passengers on the plane, as the light erupted behind them just like Oceanic 815 tore in half behind them and sucked them down into the island.
    – Realizing that Jack’s appendix scar and throat wound were holdovers from the way he died, and subtle reminders that the flash-sideways wasn’t really real.
    – Locke says to Jack- ‘your son isn’t real’.
    – The cross-cutting at the beginning, moving through each character on island and in the flash sideways.

    By far the best though-

    – Jack’s final death walk through the bamboo forest alone, intercut with the scenes of reunion in the multi-faith church. Jack lies down to die, sees the plane fly overhead, then Vincent snuggles up beside him so he won’t die alone. His eye closes. Excellent symmetry with the beginning, excellent book-ends to the story.

    And many more.

    There is really good in depth commentary by Doc Jensen on the EW site- http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20313460_20387946,00.html

    I read a lot of comments on there, and many people seem upset by the lack of ‘answers’. By which they seem to mean- no role for Walt, and Walt’s past role not explained, no scientific explanation of the smoke monster, no explicit statement about how the island and the light relates to everything, and other such things.

    I’ll answer these questions.

    Walt was never terribly important. Really. He was a kid with some peculiar electromagnetic properties. Birds hit windows when he was around, cos birds have magnetite in their beaks. End of story. There is nothing more to it. He was an interesting phenomenon, but that’s all. But I guess if you’ve been holding out for Walt to be key to everything for all this time- (5 seasons since he had any kind of role), you’ll be disappointed if you find he truly has none.

    As to scientific explanations of things, or explicit explanations of things- this just seems silly to me. Do you think the LOST writers somehow know more than the greatest scientists of our age? Do you think they know more than any other mortal about what really drives life, sentience, consciousness?

    No. Of course not. Just as you couldn’t explain a nuclear bomb or a Bluetooth wireless headset to a person living even only a hundred years ago. Just as you can’t explain what it’s like to feel emotions to a plant. Any answers they give on these points would sound trite. It’s magic, it’s light. It manifests itself to us, on our instrumentation, as extreme electromagnetism, time travel, and what have you. But at it’s core its a macguffin. It can’t be explained. And that’s what’s best. To be upset about that is to miss the point.

    4 stars. 5 stars (+) for the opening and final ten minutes.


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