SHUTTER ISLAND [2010] review

June 30, 2010

Back to presently seen movies, though I was not inspired enough by SHUTTER ISLAND to write its review right after viewing it either.  Actually, I think I am done with Martin Scorsese movies made after 1989 all together.  Sometimes movies have too much mystery for their own good, where playing it a bit straighter would have been more interesting than twisting again.  SHUTTER ISLAND is one such case of too much twisting.

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1408 [2007] review

June 30, 2010

Catching up on movie reviews continues with 1408, just a horrible movie that would have worked much better as a short film.  As a feature film, it is just an annoying mess of dream sequences, delusion sequences, and not knowing what is real and what is not.  The premise is good, a hotel room that is super haunted being stayed in by a professional haunted house writer.  Then it either gets all too real or all too silly, or both.  Definitely silly.

ANGELS & DEMONS [2009] review

June 30, 2010

This is a long, long delayed review.  In fact, I think I saw ANGELS & DEMONS in 2009 itself.  Sometimes movies are not that inspiring, and they end late, the review gets put off, and I do it just to complete my online record of movies I watched for my own future reference.  However, I do remember liking this movie, surprisingly.  It was just cerebral enough to be interesting and a few characters kept me guessing about their true motivations.  It is also always nice to see Tom Hanks on screen.

TOY STORY 3 in 3D [2010] review

June 26, 2010

TOY STORY 3 is a flawless masterpiece.  A movie that is just so right in its score, in the attention to details, in its action, in its emotional moments, and in its story.  This was also my first time to see a 3D movie outside of a theme park since my childhood, perhaps it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon?  I feel the 3D genie is fully out of the bottle and one better get used to donning those 3D glasses.  Did it enhance my TOY STORY 3 viewing experience?

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THE KILLER [1989] review

June 18, 2010

The reputation and the fame of THE KILLER is quite substantial, so thanks to Netflix browsing, I finally was able to see it for myself.  I cannot say it lived up to what i thought it would be because of its campy-ness and the absurdity of the action, but I did really like the characters.  The dialogue was also very funny and well delivered.  I liked the nicknames used too.

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June 13, 2010

It is an ALL TIME classic theme.  The roar is an ALL TIME classic movie sound.  These two things alone combine to make Godzilla a movie ICON.  I do not believe you can have an iconic movie without an instantly recognizable and hummable theme song as well as instantly identifiable sound effects.  GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH is a worthy entry in the iconic Godzilla pantheon.

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HOOSIERS [1986] review

June 12, 2010

I really love watching sports on TV, and spend hours a week doing so.  However, I have not seen that many sports movies.  Since the NBA Finals are going on now I thought it was time to finally watch HOOSIERS, a movie that has been in my mental queue for quite sometime.  It resided there in mythical status for decades.  What I found, though, was merely an earnest feel-good movie that could not be made today.

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GODZILLA TOKYO SOS [2003] review

June 7, 2010

This was Godzilla as I had never seen him before, with full on modern(ish) special effects and a spiritual storyline that held up the action scenes well.  I had never seen a modern Godzilla movie before, from the 90s or 00s, well, other than that horrid Matthew Broderick abomination.  I was very impressed and loved GODZILLA:  TOKYO S.O.S.

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