September 26, 2010

I heard that ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN is a movie that launched thousands into becoming journalists.  The movie definitely does show being a journalist as a very cool, plane hopping, secret information gathering, late night adrenalin rush.  However, a story like Watergate does not exactly happen every week, or even every year.

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MENACE II SOCIETY [1993] review

September 25, 2010

At the very end, I realized I may have seen MENACE II SOCIETY sometime in the distant past, though for years I thought I had never seen it and kept it on my mental to watch list.  It is a difficult movie to watch as you have to keep remembering not to feel bad when bad things happen to the characters that have acted bad in their past.  Bad of course is not strong enough a word, murderous is more appropriate.  Movies are best I think when they show us a different world.  Often that takes the form of some alien planet or extreme environment.  In MENACE, a different world is definitely depicted, but it is completely terrestrial and right inside a major city, L.A.

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THE WAGES OF FEAR [1953] review

September 24, 2010

Old movies are like time machines for showing a time that does not and cannot exist anymore. THE WAGES OF FEAR is a movie that does not and probably cannot be made now.  Who knew that there were many European expats living in South America unable to even afford a ticket back to their home countries.  Who knew flight tickets, according to the store window in the movie, then cost hundreds of dollars, not so different than today’s prices.  One thing in the movie that is still true today, however, is as a character says, “wherever there is oil, there are Americans.”

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September 12, 2010

I very rarely read novels, especially contemporary ones.  However, this past week I finished up a two month stay in the Swedish world autheor Stieg Larsson created through three long novels.  I purposefully waited until I had read all three before watching the first movie, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.  I am especially glad of that decision now because most of the characters did not look how I had envisioned them, though for the most part the movie did depict them as written.  It is really hard to judge a movie I have read the book of, as I feel no real tension knowing what is going to happen, or at least, what should happen.  A constant stream of comparisons is going on between movie and book, plus a couple of other random factors altered my normal movie viewing environment this time (least of which a LOUD thunderstorm passing by).

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A BUG’S LIFE [1998] review

September 5, 2010

I chose to watch A BUG’S LIFE tonight to complete my viewing of Pixar’s films.  Pixar’s second feature film is not a masterpiece as many of its others have been, it is indeed barely above average, but has just enough imagination and creativeness to make it solid viewing for an adult.

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