BEYOND RANGOON [1995] review

October 28, 2010

My mind is structured so that it can upon occasion make swift and long lived notes of things of interest.  Almost like mental seeds that can lie dormant for a year, a decade, or in the case of BEYOND RANGOON, a decade and a half.  I remember when the move came out in 1995 the word “Rangoon” fascinated me.  The sound of it.  What is Rangoon?  Where is Rangoon?  Asia.  It was a thought only stored and little did I know then that a few years later I would be in Asia.  BEYOND RANGOON is a powerful movie and another well made film depicting the atrocities committed in SE Asia against their own people.

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COOL HAND LUKE [1967] review

October 17, 2010

For 20 years I thought COOL HAND LUKE was a western, so obviously I was surprised it was actually a prison movie.  I knew the name of the movie from the opening lines of the Guns ‘N Roses song “Civil War” which uses LUKE’s most famous line of dialogue, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”  I was a huge GNR fan so I have listened to that song dozens of times, thus the words are ingrained in my memory.  In another mistake, I thought it was a woman saying them!  Hearing them in the movie was really surreal.  It is a strange thing to see visually what one has only observed aurally.  The storyline to 2010 audiences will not seem original, as the square peg trapped in conformity and rebelling has been done countless times since 1967, but not as well.

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IRON MAN 2 [2010] review

October 10, 2010

When making a case that sequels are a terrible form of movie making, Iron Man 2 can be sited as a prime example.  I really wonder if the plot was put together in 20 minutes, or if a full half hour was actually taken to put it together.  It is that mundane and unimaginative.  The rest of the movie is just plain half baked.  None of the scenes blend together, they seem to exist as separate skits with no real emotion.  Classic phoned in performances, totally undeveloped characters, and CGI coating the whole mess.

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THE SOCIAL NETWORK [2010] review

October 2, 2010

THE SOCIAL NETWORK is a really, really good movie.  The pacing is outstanding.  The characters are well played and compelling.  For a two-hour plus movie that is very (tech & courtroom) dialogue heavy and has many coding and computer screen scenes, it felt really exciting, like you were dying to see what happens next and how the story of the founding and early growth of Facebook unfolded.  This is one of the top three movies of the year so far.

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