THE MACHINIST [2004] review

November 6, 2010 · Print This Article

Even though I try VERY hard, I still cannot stop having to suffer through absolutely horrible movies like THE MACHINIST.  I have no wish at all to see movies about people with miserable, low-life lives.  None.  Why movies feature these kinds of characters is beyond me.  It does not happen on TV.  I will also never watch a movie with insomnia as a key plot feature.  Movie makers really, really need to realize that after FIGHT CLUB and MEMENTO there is no need for another, lesser version of either of those movies.  No need at all.

Christian Bale ridiculously lost 110 pounds to become rail thin for his role in THE MACHINIST.  What an utter waste that was.  Did he really think it was worth it upon reading the script?  It makes me respect him even less, and after his on set rant, he went from being the most badass actor in my mind to one I have no respect at all for.

The whole movie features bleached out cinematography.  Let me tell you a photographer’s secret, the more filters and gimmicks applied to a photo, the more the photographer realizes the image is not that good.  Same thing for movies.  If this movie was good, it could have just been filmed normally.

A bit of nudity makes the movie tolerable for about 2 of its 101 minutes.  I am glad to see the movie had no box office success.  It does not deserve any.  And if the ratings on IMDB could lose any more credibility, it has a 7.8 rating there.  Preposterous.  The movie is trash and just sucks the life out of you.  Please avoid thinking it is anything else besides a mess of negativity with no redeeming qualities.


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