November 14, 2010 · Print This Article

I certainly was not expecting GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS to be a movie about pure malice and vitriol, something that will take watching several episodes of Spongebob Squarepants to cleanse out of my system.  Yet another movie I had long wanted to see, mostly due to the unusual title of the film.  It bounces around the tongue.  What kind of person would have such a name?  Is it even a person’s name?  It’s not.  I thought it was supposed to be a great movie about politics starring Alec Baldwin and possibly dealing with gerrymandering, hence the title.  I have NO idea why Baldwin gets such top billing as he is only in the movie for 2 minutes and does nothing but erupt malice that is actual hurts your ears and made me wince.  Unless you want to feel like crap, stay away from GLENGARRY.

It is well known I do not like movies about people with crap lives, but damn it once again I am suckered into one of these kinds of movies.  The movie centers on four salesmen and their horrid boss.  Every seems to utterly despise each other and be conning or buttering up the other.  I cannot fathom how anyone would work in such an environment for an hour, never mind years.  I cannot imagine anyone staying on the job after Baldwin’s character comes in and cusses them out like they just smashed into his vintage Porsche because they were texting behind the wheel of their Hyundai.

Why any one of those guys would believe a word the other says to them is also unbelievable.  You know they are conmen, why believe they actually care about you as a friend?  Add to it all they do is complain, fill themselves with drinks and cigarettes, and are basically criminals, the value of realistically seeing how an illegitimate real estate racket is run is not worth it.  Who would want to see that type of story at all?  Just watching scum be scum with no sting operation busting them all in the end?  No thanks.


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