THE JEWEL OF THE NILE [1985] review

March 4, 2011 · Print This Article

I would say that in 2011 it is no longer possible to release a silly romantic adventure movie, thus THE JEWEL OF THE NILE is more certainly a product only the 80s could produce. While old memories of the first move in the series, ROMANCING THE STONE, lingered in my head for decades finally prompting me to revisit it in late 2009, I am fairly certain that come 2030 I will have no such lingering desires to revisit NILE. This time there is absolutely no story and the traps the characters find themselves in are escaped in ludicrous ease, just breezing past the important things like how they did it, etc.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are still pretty good on screen together, and at times Danny DeVito does well playing the hard to like foil turned partner, at least when he is not literally spitting out his lines. The villain though is just a cartoon character and the harsh desert backdrop does not work nearly as well as the lush Colombian rainforest did in STONE.

After some quick setup events, Douglas is on a rescue Turner mission again that should have ended the movie at about the 30-minute mark. Why Douglas does not rejoin the people who helped him be in a position to save Turner is a massive plot hole. Instead they just plunge deep into the desert without even a bottle of water. Movies do not have to be totally realistic, but there should be some basis on plausibility in at least the remotest sense.

If you like STONE, I would try and preserve those memories and resist seeing NILE. Your own imagination for what happens next to the characters would be much more pleasing than watching NILE.


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