FAST FIVE [2011] review

September 9, 2011 · Print This Article

FAST FIVE is an epic fail in the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise.  I will let this comment found on its message boards on IMDB sum it up, “When you are about to show a racing scene in a series with car racing in it, just cut the whole scene out.”  About halfway through the movie I thought, “there has not been a single car race yet, this is unbelievable.”  Then literally the next scene, FINALLY, there it is, the swagga music playing, endless hot girls in minimal clothing leaning on super customized cars.  THIS is what FURIOUS is all about.  But . . . just like the commenter said, instead of showing the race, they just cut away!  Epic fail.

If you know me in my current incarnation, you now I LOVE cars, and they are practically all I think about.  Thus, I love the FURIOUS franchise, especially the first (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and the third (my review – TOKYO DRIFT).  The fourth was ok.

FAST FIVE, however, does not really even belong in the same FURIOUS world.  It is a heist movie of sorts, totally slick, really just a series of super slick scenes, so slick you do not mind seeing a lack of car racing, a lack on any known connection to physics and a lack of being excited about what any of the characters are doing.

Finally, at the end of the movie, they pulled out the serious cars, and finally it seemed we would be granted at least one epic street race between a GT-R and a suped up modern Challenger.  Umm, nope, cut away again, for the credits to roll and some CGI version of the race to take place.

All FAST FIVE did was get me excited to see an actual FURIOUS movie.  And also to get my own ultra-fast sports car.


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