ATTACK THE BLOCK [2011] review

September 17, 2011 · Print This Article

ATTACK THE BLOCK [2011] rules like you think a movie like this would.  If a swagga hip hop song pumping does not get your own blood pumping as characters on screen take up arms to fight a common enemy and roll out in slo-mo looking to put a hurt on some aliens, then ATTACK THE BLOCK might just seem like a silly movie to you.  Fortunately, such a scene totally gets my blood pumping so I was all into ATTACK THE BLOCK and found it to be an ideal Friday night movie.

If you want to have any hope of understanding the dialogue of the first five minutes of the movie, unless you currently live in south London, then you will have to listen very carefully.  We see a group of hooded teen thugs (in case you did not know it all young criminals in England apparently wear their hoods up) mug a woman pretty ignantly walking down a dark, deserted street while gossiping on her cell phone.  She might have well just held up a sign saying, “please mug me, I’m ignant.”

The mugging gets interrupted as something meteor-like slams into a parked car.  The woman runs off, but we will be seeing her again.  The aliens have landed and the hoods are not afraid, at first, to brashly seek out and kill them.

During this part there are laughs and a few make you jump scenes.  You quickly go from rooting against the thugs as they mug the woman, to hoping they sure as hell can all make it back into their block, which I guess is slang for apartment building.

The aliens are very cool looking and thankfully are not the usual reptilian looking ones.  All I will say is they are very mammalian-like and a very unusual part of their bodies glows eerily.

During the extended forays and attacks with the aliens the story drops a little plausible science for how such creatures might have made their way to Earth.  It was plausible enough to make me think I definitely need to buy a katana sword to have around just in case!

The gore is not too bad, you will pick up some new lingo to drop on your friends (“allow it!”), the pacing is great, the main character, Moses, has a good story arc, and you will come away from ATTACK THE BLOCK feeling amped up.  Allow it!


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