BRIDESMAIDS [2011] review

September 24, 2011 · Print This Article

Do not watch BRIDESMAIDS [2011] thinking you are going to see a female version of THE HANGOVER.  It is a totally different movie.  BRIDESMAIDS is not a laugh a minute wild romp.  It is rather depressing actually as we watch Kristen Wiig’s character act completely unrealistically in increasingly awkward scenes.  I do not like to watch movies about characters with junk lives, and Wiig’s is.  There are a few very funny laughs, but they are mostly caused by excessive use of foul language at unexpected times.  It’s not that hard to get a laugh that way.

I really like Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live.  She is probably my favorite comedian on the show.  However, it is hard to not picture her in just one long SNL skit in BRIDESMAIDS.  I do not think she is lead actress material in a motion picture, or at least the character she plays is not interesting enough to be.

The plot is driven by Wiig’s best friend getting engaged and Wiig’s jealousy of her friend’s new, rich, pretty and perfect friend who wants to control all aspects of planning their mutual friend’s wedding.  This was just tired, ill, awkward and full of malice.  How someone like Wiig’s character could function in society both baffles me and scares me.

The worst aspect of the movie is how it mostly plays like an indie drama, with lingering scenes showing really awkward expressions of emotion.  Really, awkward is the best word to describe this movie, and it is not the good, funny kind of awkward from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.  The laughs are too few and far between for this to work as a comedy, and the characters too shallow and preposterous to work as a drama.  This movie’s hype is completely undeserved.


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