X-MEN: FIRST CLASS [2011] review

October 7, 2011 · Print This Article

Excellently cast, well directed and adeptly paced, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS [2011] is a surprisingly good action, comic book and social commentary movie.  It seems 2011 has produced a number of good big budget movies and I should not have been so tardy from the theaters.

I am a very big fan of origin story movies.  FIRST CLASS shows us the beginnings of who will become the X-Men in a way that is well suited for hardcore fans and first timers to the genre.

The movie opens with a scene somewhat shown in earlier X-Men films of a young boy, Erik, who will become Magneto, ripped from his parents in a World War II prison camp.  The events here, we learn, both show him how to harness his magnetic powers and shape how he will come to use them in the future.

The counter to him is a newly minted professor, Charles.  The casting was spot on for both of these characters and superbly played with all due gravity.  Through at first an uneasy alliance, Charles and Erik become real friends despite having very different feelings toward the greater human race.  Charles wants to live in peace, Erik is willing to do whatever is necessary to never be oppressed again.

As they both work with the CIA they begin the search for other mutants in a bit of cool humor.  It’s great a PG-13 rated movie can make allowances for one very well placed cuss word.  The younger mutants they recruit will all too soon choose sides, for good.

The greater plot involves the former prison camp leader trying to entice the U.S. and Russia into World War III.  In the tradition of RETURN OF THE JEDI and other movies, the final conflict takes place on several fronts with armies battling, but the ultimate battle being waged by three men.  I will definitely see the sequel, if there is one, in the theater.


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