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I really like origin movies and CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE FIRST AVENGER [2011] unfolded its well.  The movie had a rich atmosphere pulling the viewer into its world.  The 1940s era was well recreated.  A good amount of time is dedicated is showing us why Steve Rogers was ultimately chosen to be transformed into Captain America.

Rogers wants to join the army and fight in World War II, except as one recruiting agent says, his asthma alone keeps him out, never mind the rest of the long list of ailments and his tiny stature.  A military scientist takes notice of his dedication and perseverance.  This is Rogers chance to join his best friend in the 107th.

Chris Evans playing Rogers is really the huge looking Captain America.  He is shrunk digitally in the beginning of the movie to look scrawny.  In a surprising start to his life as Captain America, he is not dashing across Europe being the super soldier he was created to be, but rather dancing and singing to raise moral and capital for America’s war effort.  I liked that twist element to the story.

Nothing can keep him from action long though and he is soon rescuing 400 men from a high tech prison.  Another person long ago was given the same serum Rogers was, but it heightened his badness.  The movie becomes Captain America’s battle to stop the person who will become the Red Skull.

Cap’s romantic interest played by Hayley Atwell was a bit of a revelation.  It was refreshing to see a new face, and a pretty one.  Though their romance is delayed by the usual caught kissing another girl he did not want to silly plot device.  I also wondered when did Cap actually learn to fight since soon in his military training he was transformed and only given muscles, not kung fu lessons.

Other than that, CAPTAIN AMERICA is a very satisfying comic book movie featuring a compelling origin story and a well paced storyline.


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