THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS [1987] movie review

December 30, 2011 · Print This Article

One of my favorite things about movies is how they can take you back to another time.  THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS is very much a product of the 1980s and I am glad for it.  Michael J. Fox does what he does best, which is use his charms and whiles to woo all those around him on a whirlwind trip up the corporate ladder.

Fox wants to leave his small town to make it big in New York City vowing to only return on his private jet. He has a job and an apartment already lined up, but if everything went according to plan, it would be a very short movie. The company he is about to start working for gets bought in a hostile takeover, so there goes his financial security. His apartment is dirty, rat infested, basically what one envisions as a very low rent place in NYC.

There is one other hope, a distant uncle who he has never met. He gets thrown a bone, again because of his considerable charisma, and works in the mailroom which fortunately takes him in and out of the entire skyscraper office.

He has the skills to do more, but not the opportunity until he just basically shows up in an empty office and impersonates a fired employee.

During all that he gets involved with a randy older woman, sees his dream girl from across the water fountain, and has to hide his double identity from his bosses.

SUCCESS works very well as a light, slightly manic, 80s comedy.


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