A SINGLE MAN [2009] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

Seeing Colin Firth in THE KING’S SPEECH made me want to seek out his other movies, thus tonight I watched A SINGLE MAN. Perhaps it was because I saw SPEECH first, but mostly I focused on Firth’s voice throughout the movie, which moved very slowly visually, which actually suited the story.

Firth is a college professor, though that is of minor importance. His character is a man dying a little each day, having lost the motivation to live after the sudden death of his longtime partner. Though he lives in a super nice house close to the beach, and seemingly has plenty of money, he cannot recover from that loss.

He even has an old gal pal neighbor. However, it is not just his broken heart that ails him.

He sees and cares about the de-evolving of society, things that ail me, which I found troubling to see Firth’s character talk about all the way back in 1962. If no one had any manners back then then what would he possibly think about now? If he thought marketing was penetrating into the lives of children too greatly, he would no doubt think children today are merely Madison Avenue programmed robots.

Firth is not an entirely depressing character. He has a lingering sense of humor and self-deprecation about him. He also is prone to very frank statements, especially to children. I appreciate such frankness.

I look forward to going further into Firth’s filmography.


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