BENJI [1974] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I have never been more convinced that CGI should be banned from all movies. Watching BENJI (1974) it is just shocking how real, a real movie can be. With a super clever dog, and no doubt spectacular trainers, and excellent directing, there is absolutely no need for CGI. However, I guess a studio would be too lazy to make an analog movie like Benji now, but there really is nothing like seeing a real dog truly exhibit acting.

The movie opens showing what a day in the life of Benji is, from where he makes his home, to where he gets his breakfast, to who he plays with. The movie is told entirely from Benji’s perspective and the camera angles used rarely are higher than Benji’s own eye level (Spielberg used this in E.T. as well, keeping the camera at a kid’s eye level). Thus, the viewer really can get a feel for Benji’s world.


The conflict in the movie develops slowly but builds to where you are cheering Benji on out loud. “Go Benji, go!” will be racing through your mind.


This is the kind of real family movie that families should be watching. Real acting (by Benji, you can see his brain figuring out problems), real danger and real emotion. CGI dog movies have no chance at this.


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