CALIFORNIA PASSAGE [1950] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

A strong story and compelling character arcs make CALIFORNIA PASSAGE a very good hidden gem of a western. A naive 20-year old woman and her kid younger brother head west to meet up with their older brother. However, things are not what they expected once the stagecoach gets them to town.

The brother and sister are separated from their wagon train in the beginning of the movie, putting them in mortal danger where they are helped out by a seasoned cowboy, who some think is an outlaw of a sorts. None of the characters are as simple as they seem at first. The viewer is left to guess on their own what their true intentions are. The well written dialogue makes everything all the more intriguing.


I consider it a requirement for any western in order to be a proper western to have a good saloon scene, and CALIFORNIA PASSAGE meets that requirement.


Finding out who her brother really was, which saloon owner has honorable intentions in seeking her hand in marriage, and trying to just keep her kid brother and herself alive in a town that is no place for a lady create a solid 90-minute classic black & white western.



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