FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL [1994] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

Another one of those movies whose title was long lodged in my mental list of potential movies of note, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL may also be the very first movie I have seen with Hugh Grant, as he does not typically star in movies I frequent. With even mostly anti-Grant feelings, I still enjoyed the humor and characters in FUNERAL.

The first third of the movie roared on with a parade of characters eloquently speaking witty dialogue and poking fun at the numerous weddings they attended in only a few month period.


I like Andie MacDowell as an actress and was glad to see her on screen, though her character was not very likable and her itself acting has been mostly criticized. I think she acted like the way her mostly vulgar character would have, with only superficial charm in sufficient enough supply to woo those not interested in getting to know her any deeper than they need to in order to be able to sleep with her.


As Grant and his friends spend the second half of the movie wondering if any of them will ever get married, things get a bit less funny and the ending is both unexpected and predictable.


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