HACKERS [1995] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

HACKERS was the worst movie I have seen in a very long time. It was truly a bad movie, not just a movie I did not like. I did not expect much, but at least thought it would be a passable thriller with a young Angelina Jolie. I did not expect silly and absurd high school characters to be dueling with an equally absurd computer security cartoon of a character in a movie that is 50% montages.

The only reason to ever even bother trying to endure HACKERS is if one wants to have seen every single movie Angelina has done. Fans of just seeing Angelina on the screen displaying her unique beauty will not be disappointed, at least not for the times she is in the scene.

Basically, HACKERS is not a movie an adult can stomach and makes one wonder how in the world did Angelina ever get famous as she really has not ever been in any actually good movies.


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