LORD OF THE FLIES [1965] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I fear I may have made a mistake in watching LORD OF THE FLIES.  Most school kids are required to read this book, but for some reason schools I went to did not.  I of course knew the basic premise of the story, but none of the details.  The movie filled in those details, but no much else.  In just 90-minutes of film I am sure much of the psychological aspect of the film was rushed into only a few scenes.  Still, the movie showed what a great character Ralph is, and what a great villain Jack is.

The movie apparently had very little budget as the actual plain crash was not filmed, just a hacked together series of still images that I think just should have been left out and replaced with the text: 20 school boys have been marooned on an island. I mean, if you show a plane floating in water, then boys showing no signs of ever being wet, you force the viewer to think what other corners are being cut?

Being English school boys they try and do things the proper way and establish rules. To me they are very sensible rules, like keeping a fire going, always, so that a rescue plane or ship may see it. How quickly rules, and fear, vanish.

The movie is the showing of the process of order to chaos. Instinctually, humans resort to the law of the jungle, that being the strongest rule and the weaker follow, or perish.


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