LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS [2006] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

Last night a movie watching window opened up, but I felt like something lighter and more contemporary than the classic westerns and Hitchcock films I had most been watching recently. So I watched a somewhat uncharacteristic movie for me LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS because I like Brittany Murphy and also because Netflix said for some reason that yesterday was the last day of availability for the movie, a policy I totally do not understand. If you are wooed by Brittany’s charms as an actress playing an outgoing, energetic character, as I am, then it fits perfectly into a movie window slotted for an enjoyable and fun 90-minutes.

Brittany’s character known affectionally as “Jacks” to all her friends in London, lives a life constantly in motion. It looks exhausting to me. She runs from her job as a fashion set designer for Vogue to daily hangouts with her friends and perhaps even more frequent crisis phone calls from them about failed relationships. Then Jacks has her own off again on again boyfriend to deal with. Exhausting.


Yet she is always overflowing with energy and always looks fashionably beautiful.


The movie itself tries to be an unmovie somewhat breaking the fourth wall with its characters thinking out loud that if they were in a movie, this would never happen, etc. It is not too much of a gimmick and adds something to the story as it is wisely used sparingly.


It is just too bad Brittany’s film career was cut so short. If she only had a Jacks in her real life maybe it would not have been so.


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