MONSTERS, INC. [2001] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I saw MONSTERS, INC. when it first came out, no doubt with the extra incentive of being able to exclusively see the first teaser trailer for ATTACK OF THE CLONES, but I still remember liking MONSTERS. Upon my second viewing this evening, thankfully, I did not remember much so the exceptionally clever plot was a total surprise to me still.

After seeing a masterfully crafted movie like MONSTERS, I always think to myself, “Is it really that hard for all movies to be this good?” I mean, if I am about to write or direct a movie, and I have seen MONSTERS, how could I then pen a derivative script or direct without any flair or style?


Pete Doctor, the writer/director for MONSTERS took a common child fear, monsters in the closet, and created a whole world around that concept that results in an enormously entertaining story. There are monsters in kids’ closets. However, there is nothing random or supernatural about the appearances, they come on purpose in an electric company like job! The monster world is powered by kids’ screams, so the monsters have to go and scare kids to get the juice to run their blenders and lights.


The kicker is, the monsters are more afraid of the kids. If even so much as a kid’s sock gets brought back into the monster world, a rapid response task team breaks through windows to get in to exterminate it and decontaminate whatever it touched.


So imagine if a kid itself entered the monster world . . .


What if the monster world was running low on screams to produce energy since today’s kids just are not as scared by monsters as they were in decades past?


Watch and enjoy MONSTERS, INC. to find out.



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