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PLUNDERERS OF PAINTED FLATS suffers from a cumbersome name as well as being only a very ordinary western with a nondescript rich man not wanting any squatters setting up on his land, despite their legal right to. He uses harsh tactics on innocent characters we do not yet care about because they have not been established. There is one aging gunslinger on the side of the squatters that someone seems to be too big of an obstacle for the land baron so he hires a younger, faster gunman to come to town to take care of him.

This storyline was played out in a far, far, far better movie, SHANE. PAINTED FLATS is barely 1/8th the movie that was. There is an interesting point about mail order brides and if it was socially acceptable back then. It made me think about nowadays and the online dating scene.


The final shootout at the end of the movie was unconventional, but yet remained to me mostly predictable. None of the actors had any chemistry together and the story was not fleshed out, leaving PAINTED FLATS as one dimensional as its name sounds.


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