SALT [2010] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I like spy action movies where you feel like you are inside the workings of the government, privy to secret policies and operations.  SALT starts off like that, but cannot really sustain it.  I expect to see absurd action and preposterous scenarios play out.  However, there is a certain limit and it does help to have some story and plot to anchor it too.  I am afraid having Angelina Jolie star in any movie greatly covers up its flaws, for awhile, as she is the most interesting woman just to stare at on screen.

Salt works for the CIA in its “Russia House.” Live Shreiber, who I always like to see in a movie, is her partner. They both seem way too young for their positions and authority. The action starts in motion when they both are called to vet a Russian agent who has turned himself in. This agent says that Salt is actually a Russian spy herself. She runs, and runs, and runs.

From this point on it is never really clear why Salt is doing anything she is doing, or how she knows how to do it. She sure can jump though!

I actually saw the twist coming, which means your movie is exceptionally obvious as I am not good at that kind of thing, mostly because I want to just let the movie take me where it will. It’s only when a movie makes something terribly obvious can I no longer avoid guessing the twist.

Salt’s final actions make no sense at all as the U.S. President will be able to personally testify to what happened in closed quarters. He is conveniently knocked out and I guess Salt had no patience or could even be bothered to tell the CIA that once the president wakes up he will be able to support her version of the facts.

Oh well, it was still nice to see close-ups of Angelina’s eyes at least.



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