THE ITALIAN JOB [1969] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I should have read at least the first word in the description of THE ITALIAN JOB on IMDB, which is “comic.”  Then maybe I would not have been so disappointed by this movie that I thought was supposed to be hardcore and serious was basically a farce, a Mini Cooper commercial and ends with the biggest cop out in movie history, at least from my point of view.

Michael Caine is a recently released convict, and one of only two serious people in the movie. Naturally, as soon as he gets out of prison he is offered a big heist job that he readily accepts. It is an incredibly complex plan that in execution is stunningly easy.

Before all this there are a few preparation scenes and a few playboy scenes.

The only time the movie held any interest was when an Italian mafia boss was on screen. The opening is fantastic, which I thought was setting the tone for what I thought was supposed to be a classic film. The later reintroduction of the mafia boss was pretty badass as well. Alas, that is where his role ends. This is a major flaw in the movie as the mafia boss is depicted as a man of extreme means and capability, yet even though he knows what is going to happen has no play in the climax of the story at all. Preposterous.

Then there is the ending. I thought it might save the movie, but rather it ruined it. Others might think it is brilliant. I did not.


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