THE MAN FROM LARAMIE [1955] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I really liked WINCHESTER ’73, a collaboration between director Anthony Mann and James Stewart, however their final western together, THE MAN FROM LARAMIE is a very forgettable, average at best movie.

There is absolutely nothing compelling about LARAMIE. None of its characters are at all interesting or vibrant, the story is basic and obvious and the running time is at least 15 minutes too long. Stewart is the usual man out for revenge (his brother was killed) which is a storyline I am fine with to start a movie with, but the town he ends up in is the most boring western town I have ever seen on film. It is completely lifeless.


An old rancher owns everything in and around the town, who of course has a hothead spoiled son. Since there are basically no other characters introduced besides the obligatory pretty young woman as a possible love interest and a tough old cattle woman (the most interesting character), it does not take much to guess who Stewart will ultimately be going after to get his revenge.


Only he never does. Some nonsense about selling repeating rifles to Apaches comes up and Stewart rides around some dusty hills, all the action critical to the story having nothing to do with him really.


The climax is not anymore exciting than any other part of the movie. LARAMIE need only be watched by those really wanting to see all of the Mann-Stewart western collaborations.


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