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Unfortunately my home viewing experience was greatly disturbed first by a scratched disc from Netflix (I can no longer recommend them as any kind of reliable moving viewing source) and then by trying to watch the movie via rental on iTunes, which preposterously forces you to download the entire movie to your hard drive (no streaming). Still, even without that 30-minutes of absolute frustration in the middle of the movie, I probably would not have been that impressed with THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. I did not feel Jimmy Stewart put much into the performance, seemingly just going by the numbers, the same with Doris Day.

Putting a child in jeopardy is a convenient way to make actors emote, but does little for me. The plot turns out to not be as full of interesting twists as it seems at first. There are several plot holes that allow the movie to continue where if the characters (bad guys) acted logically the movie would have just ended.


The start is slow, but promising with Stewart and Day a vacationing married couple with a young son in Morocco. They meet a stranger who is definitely not all he seems. The result of that brief acquaintance with him sets the story in motion. Their son is kidnapped and basically they search for him the rest of the movie.


This just seems to be Hitchcock by the numbers, no great performances, no great story, no great tension.


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