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For years I imagined some postman arriving on the front porch of a home with something other than mail to deliver when I heard of the movie, THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. However, there is not a single postman in the movie. There is a drifter, and unbelievably beautiful woman, Lana Turner, working in a hole in the wall roadside diner, and one lucky man who owns the diner and is married to the woman. As things tend to in old movies, relationships accelerate fast and from first meeting to planning a murder together, it seems only a few days takes place. Maybe people were far less cautious back then.


POSTMAN is classic film noir set in a roadside diner instead of a big city. Is the movie itself a classic? For me, no. There is a lot of malice, a lot of nonsensical decisions, and the biggest thing is I do not believe regular people can be so quick to resort to murder to solve semi-nonexistent problems.


Turner wants to make something of herself and run a successful restaurant business, but she does not love her much older husband. She has fallen in love with the drifter. If there were only a way she could keep the business and the drifter. Of course the decision falls to murdering the clueless husband.


There is little tension in the movie either in their murderous plotting or whether or not they will get caught. In fact the movie suddenly breaks out into a trial movie of sorts that I found not very compelling and annoying trying to figure out who is trying to con who.


The ending makes the viewer think why did I even watch this movie if these are the fates that are going to be meted out?


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